5 Easy Ways to Keep Tabs on the So-Called Gospel Coalition

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
3 min readApr 17, 2019


Photo courtesy of Jeff Maples

How do you keep up with recent misdoings at The Gospel Coalition?

Start by reading their own articles. That is witness enough. Here is a good start.

Read those who are fighting back:

1. Join this Facebook Group
2. Subscribe to AD Robles.
3. Subscribe to Jordan Hall.
4. Subscribe to Jacob Brunton.
5. Follow our own blog.

Okay, so maybe there are more than five:

6. Jeff Maples
7. Michael O’Fallon
8. Jon Harris
9. B. Nathaniel Sullivan
10. Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker
11. Articles at The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel
12. Tom Ascol (Founders Ministries)
13. Doug Wilson
14. CrossPolitic
15. Edwin Ramirez
16. Bible Thumping Wingnut

More coming soon, as soon as I think of them…

In the spirit of covering all my angles (2 Samuel 2:4), I thought I’d add a note:

The above list is provided primarily for information purposes. Be aware that the listing of a resource does not constitute an endorsement of all views expressed therein.

What to read right now:

Here are our top articles addressing specific concerns with authors at the so-called Gospel Coalition: