An Appeal to William Wolfe and Yoram Hazony

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
1 min readOct 16, 2022


(Traditionalist Conservatives often claim that truth is objective, but not accessible or applicable with certainty. Claims to objectivity are often dismissed with appeals to moderate skepticism.)

William Wolfe and Yoram Hazony are two prominent voices in the movement calling itself National Conservatism. In this video, I make a biblical appeal to these men, and to other NatCons:

Please reconsider the compatibility of your illiberal conservatism with the approach to property rights found in the Bible.

Why does this matter?

A glance at history reveals that reactionary movements supplanting radical progressivism can be even more dangerous than those they replace.

The battle about America’s political future should be the battle for America’s distinct ideas — those ideas that Yoram Hazony and many other NatCons rail against — the ideas in the Declaration of Independence.

You cannot have an American Conservatism without an understanding that the Declaration of Independence is essentially true and important. That is what is at stake.

PS -

For anyone wanting to get a handle on what the NatCon movement stands for, here is my summary, with receipts.