Can Christians Defy Lockdown Orders?

Someone asked if two women who decided to reopen their hair salons in defiance of government order violates the Bible.

As Christians, we are supposed to honor governing authorities. As Americans, our civil governing authority is the Constitution. Any order from a government official that violates the Consitution violates the governing authority.

In our nation, a politician does not have the freedom or the authority to command us to do whatever he wants, and as Christians, we are under no obligation to obey orders from another man that he is not legally or morally authorized to give.

If a president or governor orders us to wear only pink clothes, for no good reason, then we are not in defiance of a governing authority, because such a person has no authority to give such an order.

The Bible puts limits on what governing authorities can and cannot do, and so do Natural Rights.

These women are obligated to take care of themselves before God, and they may very well have families to feed.

I don’t know about you, but my $1200 check and my unemployment have not come through yet. My bank account is empty, and I have the right to take care of myself.

If the government wants to claim that the deadliness of this virus justifies a stay-at-home order, then I am going to need to see some real data to justify that claim. This data should have been published back in February or early March. It is now almost May, and the little data that is published does not justify voluntary lockdown for the young and healthy. (And involuntary lockdown itself is unjust.)

I personally set up a Covid-19 testing lab in a week, but New York State refused to give my employer the green light to do any testing, despite the abhorrent lack of testing being done in Western NY. The CDC, WHO, and various health departments are refusing to properly do their jobs.

I am going to wear a facemask to protect myself and others, and I will reasonably practice social distancing and take other reasonable precautions (such as drive-in Church) to help slow the spread, but I am not going to live my life in fear.

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G.S. Muse

G.S. Muse

G.S. Muse, also known as GreenSlugg on YouTube or simply as “Greg” is a lab technician, youtuber, author, and blogger. His work can be found at

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