Christian friends — It’s time to start creating online content…

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
2 min readApr 25, 2019


Q: Hey Cody, I’m a big fan of the local church, not so much a fan of social media and online content (yes, the irony of saying this on Twitter). Wouldn’t our energies be better spent serving the local body?

A: What would Paul do?

Paul used the formats available in his day in an integrated way.

  • Paul visited.
  • Paul taught in groups.
  • Paul shared meals.
  • Paul wrote letters.
  • Paul spoke in public forums.

If you want to help your local body, one way to do it is by creating online content — and telling them.

One of the great deceptions of our time is the “professionalization” of ministry.

If you want to talk with people in your own locale (or beyond) what the Bible says — and assuming you have accountability to other Christians and to Scripture — then you are free to do it.

You already have permission; you have the authority to tell people what the Bible says.

There is not a strict line between who can talk about the Bible and who can’t, nor about where you can talk about it.

Be a witness.

Nothing is stopping you from being a witness to God’s work in your own life. Why not speak in the venue where people are listening, which is often online? Start online and then take connections offline.

Or try the reverse: Form a personal connection offline, and when someone needs your advice or has a question, write up the answer, post it, and email them the link.

Integrate the online and the offline.

Not everyone is a Bible teacher. That is a higher standard. But everyone can reason with one another.

Everyone can share the fire in their own heart and the things they care about — from baseball to birdwatching to Bible verses.

Take an integrated approach.

I created the following five videos to help you figure out what to do next…

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The people who are doing what you wish you were doing… and getting the results you wish you were getting… Talk to them!