Christian Leaders: Moral Relativism Kills Your Credibility

Before the 2020 election, Thomas S. Kidd (a professor of Church History at the Midwestern Baptist Theology Seminary in Kansas, MO) told Christians:

“If you don’t vote for my choice, that’s totally cool with me! “We live in a difficult political era. “If you vote for Trump, or Biden, or whoever, I bless you. “Our connection in Christ is bigger than temporal politics.”

That tweet has now been deleted. But it stood for a long time.

Moral relativism is a plague on Southern Baptists and many other religious groups. Institutional leaders frequently expend their energy telling Christians to be more accepting of wickedness.

What if you disagree?

Shut up! they will explain.

In the name of “moral witness,” Christian leaders are rationalizing spinelessness. Consider Daniel Darling’s statement about the Supreme Court confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson (as wicked a Democrat as most of us have ever heard of). Darling wrote:

“I disagree with her judicial philosophy but I celebrate the history of Judge Jackson’s appointment and am praying for wisdom and discernment as she serves on the highest court.”

Are we to celebrate that a God-hater who happens to be a woman and a black person has been appointed to high office?

What is there to celebrate? That intersectionality scores will now be the deciding factor in the justice system?

Thomas Kidd defended the moral right of Christians to vote for the very president who appointed that ghoul. In his words: “That’s totally cool with me!”

Jacob Brunton has pointed out: In the name of moral witness, Christian leaders in droves are publicly destroying their own moral witness, demonstrating they are incapable of sound moral reasoning.

Brunton added: Is Thomas Kidd prepared to defend the position that voting for baby murder and voting for state-sponsored theft and voting for state-sponsored racism (Critical Race Theory) is morally insignificant?

Men like Thomas S. Kidd and Dan Darling occupy positions for which they are morally unfit.

It is time that more people say so.

Video Below:

Christians Can Win the Culture War.

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