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Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
4 min readMay 20, 2020


The Crisis for Southern Seminary

In just two days, Jon Harris’ video Downgrade at Southern Seminary: Higher Criticism (Part 1) has already reached over 13,000 views on YouTube.

Jon Harris interviews Dr. Russell Fuller, one of the seminary’s prominent conservatives who was recently terminated. Dr. Fuller had objected to the seminary’s clear and repeated pattern of compromise with theological and political liberalism.

This video is essential viewing:

Downgrade at Southern Seminary: Higher Criticism (Part 1)

Also see the reporting here:

How has the embattled seminary responded?

Former colleagues of Dr. Russell Fuller are out in force, defending their employer against the account he gave in the above video.

Frankly, many of them seem willing to lose their minds to defend Albert Mohler and Southern Seminary.

Here are some examples of the kind of discussions taking place:

Dr. Robert Plummer defends SBTS to me on Facebook

A Testament to the Power of Memos:

Predictably, the festival of love and brotherhood was immediately followed by a festival of vague and cowardly accusations.

Nauseated yet?

After Southern Seminary put out a video trying to explain away the crisis, it became even more clear just how few of the above shepherds had taken the time to study the issue before publicly weighing in. See the following chart and this quick video from Jon Harris for more details.

The company men were not impressed. They are not going to be impressed.

We are at an impasse.

Here is what to do:

First, understand what you are dealing with.

Dr. Russell Fuller used the term “bias of mind.” This is a perfect description of the kind of men who would defend Albert Mohler and Southern Seminary after more than a year of the following kind of garbage being exposed under Albert Mohler’s nose within no meaningful public response.

The men of Southern Seminary are not going to change their minds. They are committed to going down with their rat-eaten ship. All I would say about that is: The sooner, the better.

Meanwhile, here is a strategic path for those paying attention and speaking out:

  1. Get as many of the Southern Seminary shepherds as possible to take a public position about these matters.
  2. Whenever the above fails and a man will not take a position, ask enough questions to show that he clearly refuses to take a position.
  3. Track these company men and track the fence-sitters. Screenshot everything.

Interact, not in view of persuading such men, but in view of encouraging them to say anything at all about these topics.

The idea is to cause them to come into the light — or to let them publicly show they are not willing to do so. If you cannot get clarity, then make it clear that you can’t get clarity. They expose themselves, one way or the other.

Keep a record of every interaction. Be ready to continue the long campaign to let Baptists know where their money is going.

The institutional leaders are stuck. There is no good answer they can give, except to resign in disgrace. They will not do that.

Their silence (or their vague, catty tweets) in the face of the theological disasters they have birthed will be all the evidence the true church needs in order to understand what must be done:

Biblically faithful Christians must separate. They must reject the unfaithful institutions. They must vomit out these unfaithful shepherds.

Please stop donating to the SBC’s Cooperative Program.

Instead, please donate to help Dr. Russell Fuller and Dr. Jim Orrick as they have been financially penalized by Albert Mohler for their refusal to sign his draconian non-disclosure agreement.

Click here to learn more:

==>Recovering Severance Pay for Fired SBTS Professors



Cody Libolt
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