Continue Exposing the Downgrade at Southern Seminary

The Crisis for Southern Seminary

Downgrade at Southern Seminary: Higher Criticism (Part 1)

How has the embattled seminary responded?

Dr. Robert Plummer defends SBTS to me on Facebook

A Testament to the Power of Memos:

Predictably, the festival of love and brotherhood was immediately followed by a festival of vague and cowardly accusations.

Nauseated yet?

Here is what to do:

Meanwhile, here is a strategic path for those paying attention and speaking out:

  1. Get as many of the Southern Seminary shepherds as possible to take a public position about these matters.
  2. Whenever the above fails and a man will not take a position, ask enough questions to show that he clearly refuses to take a position.
  3. Track these company men and track the fence-sitters. Screenshot everything.

Please stop donating to the SBC’s Cooperative Program.



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