Cultural Marxists are Obsessed with Power. Here’s the Alternative.

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
3 min readSep 10, 2020


Cultural Marxists are obsessed with power.

Cronies are obsessed with pull.

Capitalists are obsessed with ability.

Notice what the main goal becomes, if you fixate on each of these.


Power (force) means the ability to use force on other people in order to restrict their actions, make them follow your directives, or suffer imprisonment if you refuse. Cultural Marxists believe that most differences in wealth, success, and happiness are due to an unjust allocation of power. They seek to address this “injustice” by taking control of the nation’s political structure.


Pull means the ability to get people to do what you want because you can pay them to do it (or threaten them if they refuse).

In a society that puts power (force) under objective control, pull has its limits. A villain could blackmail someone or bribe someone. That’s it.

But when it becomes an accepted premise that most differences in wealth, success, and happiness are due to an unjust allocation of power, then people will think there is no choice but to right these injustices — by use of force.

Once a society organizes itself on the principle of using force to eliminate all “injustices” (read: inequalities), then those in society who have control over the laws, the regulations, and the courts begin to hold power over the fate of every individual.

Therefore, when accepted and acted upon, the premises of Cultural Marxism do not move society away from a fixation on power, but toward it.

Political power will be the only way to thrive in a society that rejects the principles of liberty and individual rights. To “flourish” in such a society, you must position yourself as the powerful leader collecting sacrifices to bestow upon the victims whose “need” is said to constitute a just claim against other people. Or you must position yourself as the recipient of the sacrifices — the victim.


In the scenarios described above, who pays? Who is sacrificed? That would be any man who choses to produce a value.

The cronies do not produce value; they redistribute it. The Cultural Marxists do not produce value; they mooch it. Only the man of ability can produce value.

It is the man of ability that the Cultural Marxists and the Cronies are set on destroying. When they do so, they will not longer be able to leach off of him, and this will also result in their destruction. But they are not concerned about that. What the cronies want is power for power’s sake, without looking at the long-term consequences of this mindset. When asked about the long run, Keynes deflected: “In the long run, we are all dead.” Who can be bothered to leave an inheritance to his children’s children, I suppose?

You have a choice to make.

  • Will you conceive of social relationships as being primarily about the quest for power over other people?
  • Will you try to convince yourself that differences in wealth, success, and happiness are mainly due to difference in power?
  • Will you promote the policies that, if acted on, will actually tend to bring about that exact, horrifying state of affairs, with pull and force becoming your only remaining means of survival?

Or, instead, will you realize that each man must make his own wealth, success, and happiness? And will you promote the policies that make this possible? Namely: The Rule of Law, Limited Government, Economic Liberty, Individual Property Rights.

America in 2020 is a picture of what the sub-human vision of existence looks like. Isn’t it time to try the human one?

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Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual