Don’t surrender the point: Democrats are pro-death on EVERY major issue

Christians are celebrating the leaked news that the Supreme Court is considering voting to reverse its position on Roe v. Wade.

Meanwhile, in the old Evangelical Intelligentsia (a group that is composed mainly of capitulators, cowards, and false converts), the messaging is mixed.

Some notable faux-Christians, such as Professor Karen Swallow Prior at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, are doubling down on their position that it would have been better for legal abortions to be reduced slowly over a period of 50+ years.

Swallow derisively referred to the overturning of Roe v. Wade as a “short cut,” and asserted that a vote for Donald Trump represented a “moral compromise,” and that it was not worth it, even if it meant an expedited end to Roe v. Wade.

See Mike Stone’s excellent subtweet here.

Other purportedly Christian voices are seeking to pivot the “pro-life” discussion over to the issues they actually care about. They are once again crying that it is time to redefine “pro-life” as meaning socialized medicine and new social welfare programs.

The ERLC (The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention) jumped onboard with this socialist vision, breathlessly posting the following in response to the breaking news:

“Now is the time to innovate new policies that serve mothers and families, give every child the right to take his or her first breath, and promote flourishing.”

A Christian website tweeted in response: “Is it the official position of the Southern Baptist Convention that it is the government’s job to provide welfare services to mothers in exchange for not murdering their children?”

That is the position many within the woke “Christian” movement have taken for several years.

Jacob Brunton sardonically summarized the implied position:

“Support our socialist policies or the babies will get it, and it will be your fault.”

It would be overly generous to compare these woke “Christians” to Floyd Ferris in Atlas Shrugged, who tried to coerce a hero into supporting his programs by threatening to starve one third of the country and blame the hero if he would not cooperate.

How do you respond to these scoundrels? Some Christians have pointed the way.

William Wolfe challenged the evangelical elites:

“Celebrate the possible end of federally-protected abortion in America… without calling for socialist spending programs.”

AD Robles made the point more forcefully:

“I love the unborn so much that I don’t want people to kill them OR saddle them with more unpayable debt due to government welfare programs.”

That is the point we have been arguing for years at .

Democrats are pro-death on EVERY major issue.

It would be a ridiculous blunder to concede that the Democrats are being “pro-life” when they champion socialism or pressure group warfare.

Do not grant them the terminology.

  • Stealing is not pro-life.
  • Racial animosity is not pro-life.
  • Woke theory is not pro-life.

On the major issues on which the two parties disagree, there is no sense in which the Democrats are “pro-life.”

They are the party of death and murder in every possible sense.


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