Ed Litton Must Resign — 750 People Signed, and You Should Too

So far, more than 750 people have signed the strongly worded petition created by FTNCI.

The petition calls for the resignation of the unrepentant plagiarist Ed Litton, who recently was elected as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Notable signers or the petition include former SBC seminary professor Russell Fuller and seminary trustee Tom Rush.

The petition’s success surprised us, because we went beyond calling for Ed Litton’s resignation. The petition includes the following statement:

“Moreover, if any professor or institutional leader in the SBC will not affirm that Ed Litton must resign, that person is also unfit for leadership in any Christian organization.”

In other words, we did not design this petition only to confront Ed Litton. We designed it to confront every SBC leader (be it an entity head, a professor, or a pastor) who chooses to play it safe by staying silent when godly leadership requires them to take a stand.

The case against Ed Litton’s eligibility for leadership grew stronger this week as an avalanche of reporting began to be released by Jordan Hall and Jon Harris. Their reports showed that there is a radical leftist company called Docent Research Group that is writing and selling sermons to megachurch pastors.

If you have been wondering why so many sermons at so many churches are repeating the same talking points and racing in the same leftward direction, now you know.

Across the country, many of the men that everyday Christians have entrusted to handle the preaching of Scripture have been outsourcing their thinking to pagan businessmen bent on infiltrating the church with woke nonsense, on the church’s dollar.

By now, news of Ed Litton’s scandal has reached the entire country, making headlines from the New York Times, to Newsweek, to Breitbart.

The Conservative Baptist Network has done the right thing, calling for Litton’s resignation, and calling for other leaders of the SBC to address the matter “promptly and biblically.”

What this means is: If Albert Mohler, Paul Chitwood, Kevin Ezell, and the other SBC entity heads continue in their silence, it will result in a major loss of confidence from the nearly all of the remaining conservative voices within the SBC.

If you would like to join us in standing against this outrage, please take one practical action today:

Sign the Petition.

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