Epistemology Is the Heart of the Culture War: From G. Hegel to Ed Litton (ICYMI)

The following video summarizes the main corrupt ideas from Europe 200 years ago that continue to stretch out their poisonous roots, ruining our nation and our churches today.

Modern culture has been shaped by Hume, Kant, and Hegel and their postmodern descendants. This has led many people today to embrace the anti-ideology of postmodernism. But it has led others to reject ideology as such, leading to a concrete-bounded mindset that makes them incapable of understanding the causes of things — and thus keeps them from succeeding as they attempt to fight in the culture war.



Look at how the culture war is playing out in the church today.

On one side of the battle you see the Relevant Magazine-Gospel Coalition-Christianity Today category of “Progressive Christians,” who are neither progressive, nor Christian.

On the other side of the battle you see reactionaries, tradcons, biblicists, presuppositionalists, theonomists, and monarchists.

In the middle, you find the weak-kneed pragmatists, would-be politicians, posers, capitulators, and seminary presidents who cannot even find the courage to call for a blatant fraud like the plagiarist Ed Litton to step down from the presidency of the nation’s largest conservative Christian denomination.

To understand why this battle is going so poorly, ask: What is missing?

What is missing is an honest commitment to the full pursuit of truth, and the moral fiber to take responsibility for that truth.

What is missing is exactly that which FTNCI was made to defend: The role of the mind in Christian life.

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