Ethos — How to Gain Credibility for Your Argument

Cody Libolt
May 24, 2019 · 2 min read
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Q: What are some ways to gain credibility for your argument based on style and presentation?

A: If you want to spread your ideas in the digital age, the first priority is to show that you are personally credible. Focus on showing people the credibility of your person and character — your ethos.

“I don’t care how much you care until I know how much you know.” —

The following nine videos overview my strategy for using social media and digital marketing to engage in the realm of ideas. I apply the Greek elements of persuasion (the rhetorical framework of logos, pathos, and ethos) to the digital environment

What are some easy ways to gain credibility for your argument based on style and presentation?

We live in an age of a Crisis of Authority. So start by establishing “ethos.”

The role of personal platforms in an age of epistemological crisis (a crisis of authority)

Establish ethos by polarizing your listeners into either loving you or leaving you.

You do not have to change people’s minds. Just be yourself and that will reveal people’s minds.

How “being yourself” in public will grow your ethos with the people who matter:

Digital communication allows you to easily enter into the conversation already going on inside the mind of your reader.

Approach the question of logos and pathos by reference to the questions: Who am I talking to, and who am I *wanting* to talk to, and what can I say that will help THAT person? (Thus you establish ethos).

PS — This tip will save your sanity.

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