Marxism in Christ’s Church: A Report from the Pews

Hello, I’m a Bible reading, Bible believing Christian, just an ordinary middle-aged lady in the pews. I’ve been a homeschooling mom for the past 17 years.

I was saved at an early age and grew up in the faith. My husband and I became Reformed Presbyterians when we learned of the doctrines of grace at a Philadelphia conference for Reformed theology conference 25 years ago that focused on the cross. I still remember many of the sermons at that gathering and the glorious truths that captured my mind and heart in the days and years ahead. What an altered message some of those same teachers offer today when I hear them refer to the cross.

For various reasons in recent years I received more of my teaching from The Gospel Coalition. While certainly there are many fine articles and books to be read on this site, as Bible readers we know that false teaching is parasitic and requires a host. I remember hearing and reading some things that didn’t sit right, but would quiet my mind by remembering the many men of God I respected as Biblically sound that endorse TGC. I thought “They taught me to think more Biblically years ago…this teaching is probably another way of stating truth.”

Then the Revoice conference got my attention. This was a slap in the face to any true Christian. In the months leading up to Revoice I began to read serious Bible teachers exhorting the church to wake up to the presence of false teachers in our midst and grew in my hunger to sort out truth from poisoned truth.

As I listened with more discerning ears I was surprised to find a lot of victimology with a radical agenda is taking over areas of Christendom that used to be sound.

Watching sessions from MLK50 and reading the rhetoric surrounding this conference confirmed my suspicion: a false gospel is gaining traction in the evangelical church. I was truly taken aback at how blatantly this conference exalted resentment and called that the gospel.

So I’ve decided to step up and talk about what I’ve observed and will be writing a series of articles on the hostile take-over of the church. I pray it will encourage you to grow in your fear of the Lord and hatred for lies.

“The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil (Proverbs 8:13).”

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