Hollywood and Sexual Abuse, Now We Can Be Surprised

Not long ago I wrote an article entitled “Hollywood and Sexual Abuse, Why Are Americans Surprised?” Liberal Hollywood has flaunted sexual immorality for decades, and Liberals have spent a good two generations, at least, mocking Christians for our puritanical ways — i.e. waiting to get married and not having sex outside of a marriage covenant.

As Steven Crowder, a Christian, Conservative, and Comedian/Talk Show host pointed out, when he and his wife waited to get married, they did things the right way, and those who mocked them were only covering up their own insecurity.

Yet now it seems that the question with Hollywood is “Who hasn’t raped somebody?” While I strongly believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, some of the comments made on air by some of these celebrities over the years shows that they have no respect for the dignity of sex, or for consent.

A popular meme floating around the Interwebs

Vice President Mike Pence was mocked not that long ago for being a man of character, and refusing to be alone with a woman who was not his wife. As Steven Crowder pointed out (again referencing the best late night host there is) Mike Pence looks like a retired G.I. Joe, and he is wise to not be alone with a woman, and wise not to create any appearance of evil, or any situation where anyone can even accuse him of impropriety.

So can we be surprised now? I get that those in Hollywood have shown that they have the moral backbone of a Naegleria fowleri but I would have thought even they would have had more tact and more sense than to risk the charges of sexual assault.

Guess I was wrong.

This is what sin does. It corrupts the mind, and takes you farther than you would ever want to go. It’s the old saying “If you give the Devil an inch, he’ll take a mile.” The problem is that he won’t stop even after he takes that mile, and a human who rejects Christ, like those in Hollywood, are powerless to stop him.

So perhaps we are wrong to be surprised. Shocked yes, but is it really a surprise that those who cheapen sex, and corrupt their own minds, would be more willing to take from others without consent?

Is it any wonder where our society is going? After marinating in porn, we have a society that can no longer be reasoned with, and instead people behave as unreasoning animals. Their devotion to their god makes it where they do not want to let go of those images on the screen, even if it ultimately destroys them, body, mind, and soul.

Yet so many in our society refuse to acknowledge the destruction, choosing to cover up the Sun with their finger. Hollywood not only indulges in sexual immorality, but they see nothing wrong with producing these images and putting them in front of our children. They even give praise to those who do this.

Apparently dressing like a prostitute and dancing like a hoochie mama stripper is what is now acceptable for show where millions of young children are watching.

The question we have to decide is if we want to become like them.

Those of you who are Christians, turn to Christ, drag your sin into the light. Men, find brothers who you can tell about your porn addiction. Ladies, burn those “romance” novels. Start reading movie reviews before going to the theater and start asking yourself if you want to vote with your dollars to put pornography, and other content that dishonors Christ, on the silver screen.

Those of you who are not Christians, turn to Christ. Let Him change you, and let Him bear the weight of your sin.

Thanks for reading!

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