How do you build trust AND never run out of content ideas?

How do you make the creative process easy and fun?

How do you make writing simple — and (at the same time) make your writing as accessible as possible to other people?

I learned this from Jeremy Montoya when he was coaching me on how to build a platform.

He told me:

You need to do a “learn with me” approach. You need to do: “Follow with me on my journey as I’m learning to do this.”

So everyday I’m learning something and I’m reporting on what I’m learning.

If you didn’t notice (it’s kind of meta but…) that’s actually what this video is: I’m reporting to you on what I have learned, and that is my content.

And the cool thing about that is it sets me up as not “preaching down to you from the top of the mountain” but instead just telling you:

  • Here’s where I am.
  • Here are my stats.
  • Here’s how many people have read my blog today.

Because if you can see my journey taking place and learn with me, then you will know who I am. And there will be some trust there.

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Cody Libolt

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