How do you get your body and your mind to serve you optimally?

The best tips are the most obvious. I learned this from @michaelhyatt

It is as simple as:

  • Get sunshine early in the day.
  • Get exercise, even if it’s a brisk walk.
  • Get fresh air.
  • Eat some vegetables.
  • Avoid pastries, and sugars, and bread.

It’s not complicated.

But the thing is, these simple things — most people ignore them or they put them off. Or they say, “I’ll make my life really good some time in the future, but right now I’m too busy.”

I want to tell you: I have more opportunities right now than I’ve ever had in my life, and I have more keeping me busy; and yet I’m less stressed and I’m functioning at a higher level.

It’s because everyday — everyday — I’m doing the basics. Making time for it.

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