How do you give your content the best chance to fly?

Want your blog/thing to get traction? I learned this from @patflynn

How do you give the content you create the very best chance to fly?

To succeed? To get traction?

I learned this from Pat Flynn and his book Will It Fly?

There are a lot great ideas in there, but one of the ideas is that content creation should be iterative.

It should be something that you:

  • Do a little bit
  • Then you get feedback
  • Then you shape it more
  • Then you get more feedback

I’ll show you an example:

  • I take a thought and share it on Facebook.
  • I hear what other people’s reactions are, and I comment on those reactions.
  • I take those comments and I post them as a new post.
  • And then I do that again, and then I turn it into a longer post: It’s an essay.
  • Then I ask people for feedback on the essay.

By the time something becomes a video or it becomes a blog post, many people have already seen it and given feedback.

And I’m able to pull together the best of what I’ve found (that which is most eloquent or that which is most “on point” or whatever).

That’s iterative.

How about you?

Are you using an iterative process for your writing and content? How are you bringing other people into the process?

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