The Art of Culture War through Marketing

How I Found My Wisdom Thesis and Marketing Plan — And Why Outspoken Christian Conservatives Should Steal It

Cody Libolt
May 20, 2019 · 15 min read
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Are you a culture warrior? A communication strategist?

Then you are a marketer. You might not know it yet.

1. How do you make it so people online can quickly figure out who you are, what you do, and how it will help them?

The answer is: You need a wisdom thesis.

That means: a summarized statement of what you believe is true and/or how you’re going to help people.

2. To get your own wisdom thesis, ask yourself: Who am I helping? What is their problem and pain? What am I going to do to solve that?

  • What is their problem? What is their pain?
  • And what are you going to do to help them?

3. Brainstorming what I offer my people… Trying to put it into words. Answering the question: What can you buy from me? After you buy it, what will you have?

  • And then I will set up email capture for them on their website and their social media.
  • If they don’t have a website, I’ll make a basic one.
  • And then I will set up a lead magnet: a reason why someone would want to get on their email list to get this free bonus download.

That’s a lead generation funnel.

And I’ll help them think through: How are you going to turn that into a source of income? I’ll make a plan for how you can get that.

4. And this is why I’m bad at marketing.

5. Why am I not doing this?! Time to create case studies of who I am helping and to talk about my actual work! I’m missing that.

6. Here is what I did for Patient A. — We created and implemented a plan for email capture, a lead magnet, all pointing to his growing Patreon account.

Patient A —

Let me tell you what I did for Patient A.

7. What other results have I helped people obtain? Case B, C, and D.

Well, for Patient B:

I helped him with his messaging and I wrote emails for him and sent those emails out to his list and nearly doubled the monthly ongoing commitment to his Patreon page in two months. (Nearly) doubled it. Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s talk about Patient C:

Patient C had no idea how to make income from his writing. He had the most awesome 150 articles you’ve ever read, but nobody had ever read them. I told him at the end of each of these articles you’re going to need to insert a call to action. So we did that. And the call to action is “Here’s how you can pay for my services as an editor.”

Patient D:

He needed to figure out how to approach publishers with his book. So we made a plan.

8. Eureka. I have found my wisdom thesis. Ray Edwards, your years of virtual investment in me have finally borne fruit. This is cool.

So, here is the thing that I do — and my thesis:

I make a funnel for you so you can expand your influence as a conservative Christian thinker.

9. Today I’m brainstorming to solve my own problem: How should I talk about what I sell?

10. Step 1 to solving any problem: Identify the problem…

Some thoughts on my own business messaging…

Step 1 to solving any problem is to identify the problem. My problem is that I don’t know how to talk about what it is that I sell.

11. Tracing out the steps in my own thought process about what I sell and how I sell it…

12. Once you know what you are selling and to whom, where and how will you sell it?

Now where do I find them? And what do I say to them?

I can go to groups of such people, like conservative groups on Facebook or Christian groups on Facebook, and just talk to them — get to know them individually — or invite them onto my email list.

13. What should I say to get people on my email list? Important question…

Things are coming together.

Now I know I should use my email list mainly as the place to sell. Which means that I should never make efforts to get people onto my email list unless I’ve preselected for which kind of person is getting on that email list — and it’s going to be people who need my service.

14. How do you create a cohesive message/experience from one end of your funnel to the other?

Now I have a general idea of:

  • Who I’m helping
  • How I’m helping them
  • Where to find them
  • What kind of things to say

Let’s work out the details.

There needs to be a cohesive experience from when somebody first identifies that they might be interested in what I’m talking about — to when they get on the email list — to what they receive in the emails. I need to think through that.

15. Want to help people? Get more specific about how — and more and more until you can’t any more.

16. Here is the best I can identify so far about whom I want to help:

My people who I’m helping get unstuck are those who already have a YouTube channel or a Patreon account.

17. “Double your subs.” That’s what I can offer. I like it.

  • I’ll help you double your Patreon

And then, of course, how will I do it?

Well it has to include clarifying their message and giving people reasons why they would want to subscribe or donate.

18. “Double your subs.” I like it. What now?

19. Now I’m taking the ideas I outlined and actually doing something with it. Here is how….

What is on my “to do” list because of what I’ve said today?

I need to write three blog posts that attempt to talk about the “what” and the “why” and that are an attempt at attracting people who really want to double their subs.

20. How much of what I just did could be used by YOU? Review the last 19 videos from that angle…

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