It’s not for fun that I share this junk.

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
3 min readApr 18, 2019


(Well, sometimes it’s a little bit fun.)

But mainly I’m sharing this so that those who associate with such a man and apologize for such a man will be put to shame.

Like Notre-Dame, or like Nipsey Hussle, Kyle James Howard is a symbol.

How you treat this symbol tells what you value.

Thinkers from Beth Moore to Jason Meyer to Russell Moore should be shamed for promoting this man. I’m not poking him. I’m blasting them.

One of the most dangerous signs that we have surrendered to blind faith and conformity with #BigEva is this: No one says this junk is ridiculous.

Say it. Change the discourse.

Make it too costly for the enablers of wickedness to continue so boldly. Make it too costly for the vague compromisers to play it safe.

I’ve been called the “Kyle James Howard of the social justice contra movement, the Evangelical Dark Web.”

That’s cool. I like it.

Like Howard, I don’t mind being the loudest, most shameless exponent of a certain point of view.

Unlike Howard, I am right.

But like Howard, I don’t mind being thought a fool, if it moves the public discussion.

Also, like Howard, my goal is to make someone pay.

Howard wants you to pay him. He wants revenge.

I don’t care about that. I want Jason Meyer and Russell Moore and Beth Moore and the dozens of other enablers to pay the due cost for their folly. And the price I am asking is this:

All of their claim to credibility.

If they want to continue promoting Kyle James Howard and his racist, collectivist ideology, I want it to cost them their platform.

Toward this end, our greatest ally is Kyle James Howard himself.

And laughter.


Kyle pointed out that there was more to his statement than what I quoted. Here is the rest, to assure I’m not intentionally taking anything out of context: