Let’s Win This

Cody Libolt
May 26, 2017 · 2 min read

In March 1936 Germany sent soldiers into the French-held territory of the Rhineland, repudiating the Versailles and Locarno treaties.

Amazingly, it would be five torturous years before the United States officially entered war with Germany. What lives could have been spared over the next four years of war, had the United States been willing to fight sooner?

Which is harder: To defeat a stubborn foe? Or to convince a nation to fight when it desires not to? Often, the latter.

Today, America faces an invasion, not of German soldiers, but of German philosophy via the self-sacrificial moral code of Emmanuel Kant and his followers. The battle to save Western Civilization hinges upon this question: can we convince a nation that does not yet love itself to throw off the shackles of ideological oppression? Can we restore America to its founding principle that every man has the right to pursue his own rational self-interest?

If we will reshape our nation, the battle must be two-fold: mind and matter.

Before we can reestablish man’s rights we must reestablish the righteousness of self-interest. Of the two parts of this battle, which do we suppose will last longer? If our long ideological campaign will succeed, we must be clear on what we want, why we want it, and how to get there.

Military campaigns succeed because of three factors:
Purpose, Strategy, and Tactics.

  1. Purpose: The end sought.
  2. Strategy: The means of achieving it.
  3. Tactics: The steps to make it real.

I propose this same model in our campaign to reshape the nation.

Three areas of focus in our collaboration:

  1. Purpose:
    -What kind of world do we seek?
    -What is our ideology?
  2. Strategy:
    -How do we change the mind of a nation?
    -How do we use our lives toward this goal?
  3. Tactics:
    -By what particular steps can we spread the message?
    -Who should we talk to, and what should we say?
    -How can technology enable our individual work and our collaboration?

Our enemy is the man who made a Fuhrer possible: Immanuel Kant.

May it fuel you to know that, as we fight against Kant’s philosophy, we are also fighting to stop the next Fuhrer before he begins. As the sun sets on our iteration of the Weimar Republic, I wish you all haste.

Let’s win this.

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