Make the Neo-Marxists Feel How Unjust They Are

Cody Libolt
Apr 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Jon Harris and I were talking today, and the following tactical points came to mind, based on that conversation.

How to Fight Against Neo-Marxism:

The battle against Neo-Marxist ideology is in large part a battle against those who want to break society into victim groups and turn these groups against each other and against the grand symbol of oppression — the straight, white, Christian man.

In the past, Jon Harris has achieved rhetorical victories by beating the Neo-Marxists at their own game. They worship “victim status,” and they make everything an appeal to pity. Why not beat them on that ground, as well as on the logical ground?

For instance, do what Ayn Rand did — point out who is

If the Neo-Marxist talks about the plight of black families, point out that you agree — the Great Society welfare policies of LBJ have contributed to the destruction of many black families. The war against drugs and the non-restitutional prison system have likewise contributed to this destruction. Minimum wage laws have also greatly hindered the ability of young black men to advance in life, as can be shown by a comparison of the historical data.

When the Neo-Marxist wants to talk about systemic oppression, agree with him.

Make a moral argument that systemic oppression , and show him that in fact the problem is bigger than he yet understands. Beat him to the punch. Go further than he will go. Show him the real problems.

We can run circles around the competition all day on the playing field of reason, but that is not the game they are playing. We need to be quicker to move the discussion into the realm of — including both pity and anger.

We should be offended that the Neo-Marxists (and their apologists) use such weak logic to defend such harmful ideas. Point out the victims. Appeal to pity.

Use real examples. Don’t talk only about statistics. Tie the data to a story of a real person.

When debating the nature of justice, here is what you must do:

Instead of showing that we owe something to the supposed victims, we need to flip the tables.

Show how those speaking loudest about victimhood are in fact They are harming everyone, both rich and poor. They are the true oppressors.

Don’t merely defend — attack. Don’t merely point out that no man is his brother’s keeper — show them what actual injustice is. Take the high ground. Point out that the Neo-Marxists have committed a terrible transgression. Lay the blame at their feet.

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For the New Christian Intellectual

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