Matt Lauer Probably Did It, Roy Moore Probably Didn’t, and No, I’m Not a Hypocrite.

Sometimes social conservatives grant more credibility to accusations made against a leftist (as compared with accusations made against other conservatives, which we tend to take less seriously).

Is that hypocrisy? Not necessarily.

Let me explain. Granted, some random conservatives have made weak arguments, like the infamous “God has forgiven him, so we should too.”

Also, here is the needed reminder: Yes, the allegations, if true, are serious and horrifying.

That said, I and others are by no means hypocrites for defending conservatives against their accusers.

A preliminary point: Many conservatives have in fact shown great restraint and objectivity in refraining from piling-on their leftist opponents. As tempting as it may be to assume that a leftist means what he says and lives like he preaches, with improper behavior naturally springing from the improper worldview, that would in fact be a bit of a leap in logic. Just because someone says evil things, doesn’t mean they do evil things. So the objective thing to do is to ask for evidence.

Certain kinds of evidence weigh more than others. For instance, when the accusation is about an event that is recent and for which there is tangible evidence, such as a remote control lock installed in a media personality’s office.

“Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk.” -Henry David Thoreau

The deeper point: Even if we were to publicly go on record as believing in one man’s innocence and another man’s guilt, based on similar kinds of accusations, that would not make us hypocrites.

Why? Because the accusations are not the only form of evidence we are considering. We judged based on *all* available evidence. The accusations are made against a different *type* of person.

Call it discrimination. I do discriminate.

One key piece of evidence that some have overlooked is that leftists are known advocates of a huge constellation of moral depravity. Between conservatives and leftists, there is no moral equivalence.

When a leftist is accused, we have a case of someone who publicly advocates all sorts of evil being called out for doing privately the same general sort of thing he publicly celebrates (give or take a detail or a degree).

Whereas in the case of a conservative accused, we have a case of someone with good character as far as is known (and morally proper ideas as far as is known) being accused of something for which we have no past indication of concern.

Context matters. Leftists and conservatives are not morally symmetrical.

I am not surprised when I find certain leftists inclined to believe that all conservatives are secretly hypocritical. Why? Because a leftist qua leftist cannot fathom how a conservative could take his own moral code seriously. The leftist — and the liar — assume all men are liars.

The irony is that leftists seem so surprised when conservatives grant that they may in fact be the kind of people their own leftist ideology would indicate.