Natural Theology | Christian Philosophy Q&A

The traditional Protestant doctrine of Natural Theology has recently come under fire from followers of Cornelius Van Til, including Jeffrey Johnson, Owen Strachan, and James White.

In this Q&A we summarize the traditional answers to some of the main confusions and objections that tend to come up when defending Natural Theology.

“The Reformation doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture does not claim that Christians need only Scripture and not natural revelation, but that Christians need only Scripture and not other kinds of special revelation.”
-David VanDrunen

Topics Include:

  • Isn’t Scripture the only authoritative revelation from God?
  • Why not just think that the knowledge of Natural Revelation is innate / automatic?
  • What’s the value for Christians studying Natural Revelation / Natural Theology, since it is not sufficient to save; isn’t its only value in its condemnation?
  • Doesn’t Total Depravity mean that the unregenerate are unable to understand Natural Revelation through Natural Theology anyway?
  • If the unregenerate can understand Natural Revelation through Natural Theology, then what’s left for the regenerating work of the Spirit?
  • Does Natural Theology teach us anything unique that Scripture doesn’t?
  • Aren’t we relying on our own reasoning abilities to understand Natural Revelation through Natural Theology, apart from Scripture?
  • Isn’t this autonomous human reasoning?
  • Not everyone is capable of deep philosophical thought. Isn’t this expecting too much of the common person?

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