Pray for the wicked men at Gillette. But don’t be weak. Identify your enemy.

Cody Libolt
Apr 10, 2019 · 2 min read

Gillette is in the news again — this time for tweeting a photo of very fat woman in a bathing suit.

Gillette is just begging for attention at this point.

I’m not here to fat-shame anyone. If they want to tell people to get out there and have fun at the beach and not worry about perceptions, great.

But I hate Gillette. More importantly, God hates Gillette.

Gillette donated over $333,000 to Planned Parenthood recently. So I want you to avoid buying Gillette projects.

When you think of Gillette, picture a bloody pile 10 feet tall of dead baby bodies. Gillette literally cuts throats.

And the company does this while lecturing the men of the nation (not a single one of whom is employed by Gillette) as being “toxic.”

These are some sick bastards. Pray for wicked men. But don’t be weak.

Identify your enemy.

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