Some Affirmations For Those Who Work From Home

Cody Libolt
Mar 4, 2019 · 2 min read

If you’re a writer or if you work from home — and especially if you spend most of your time with young kids, as I do — you might find these affirmations useful.

I read through these each week to keep my mindset in the “reality” zone instead of sliding into a feeling of being aimless or complaining.

  • I have agency.
  • I have more than enough energy to accomplish the tasks I undertake.
  • I have all the money I need to meet my obligations, accomplish my goals, and be generous with others.
  • I like how I feel and look when I make healthy food choices.
  • I have more power than I think.
  • And I am learning to find clarity.
  • I can be an active agent in the outcomes I experience.
  • I have more resources than I know.
  • I have several hours each day for investing in projects that matter.
  • Other people care about what I’m doing, and it actually has an impact.
  • I have control over my daily schedule.
  • I am able to add value to the lives of other people as often as I choose.
  • Nothing is stopping me.
  • I’m in good health and I have tons of energy and drive.
  • God has blessed me richly.

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