Tell These Filthy Children What They Have Become

Sign the Petition to Impeach Joe Biden

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
2 min readSep 14, 2021


Democrats are only able to stay in power because conservatives are unwilling to call them what they are.

Tell the truth, Senators.

Tell the truth, fathers and mothers.

Tell these filthy children what they have become.

Voters must make their standards known, even if they will be ignored in the short term.

Here are four obvious reasons Joe Biden must be impeached:

  • Tyrannical abuse of authority with the Vax mandates.
  • Abandoning Americans & allies in enemy territory.
  • Giving billions of dollars of US weapons to an enemy.
  • “Negotiating” with terrorists.

Here is FTNCI’s online petition:

Congress Must Impeach Joe Biden

Joe Biden is worthy of impeachment and removal.

All US Senators and Representatives have a moral responsibility to call for this and to take steps to achieve it.

We consider any politician who shirks this duty to be contemptible — and unworthy of public office.

To sign the petition click here.

Press Your Congressmen to Action

The so-called conservatives in Congress are busy posting sharp-witted comments against their Democrat “colleagues,” on Twitter, but they refuse to take action.

The above petition condemns not only Joe Biden and his party, but also any Republican congressmen who are not taking steps to impeach Joe Biden.

Our position at FTNCI is that, even if it is unlikely that an impeachment process can succeed, it is morally necessary to make the attempt.

Good leaders must make the American people know what they stand for.

Babylon Bee’s editor Joel Berry said it well:

“Hey Republican politicians: if Trump was still President and tried to mandate everyone take his vaccine, what would Democrat politicians be doing right now? Do those things.”

Do the moral thing.

Click here to sign the petition now.