The Divisive, Extreme, Principled Person Wins.

Why are you okay with being a divisive person? And why do you say that a friend should be willing to become your enemy if warranted?

A person who is not willing to become my enemy is not worthy to be my friend.

I only call someone a friend if he has standards. I don’t want a yes-man for a friend. I want an equal.

An equal is someone who thinks independently. And if he thinks I’m wrong he will say so. And if I were somehow to become evil, he would have standards, and he would reject me.

I want to be accepted by people who have standards. Your unconditional love is worth nothing to me, because it isn’t really love at all. I want love based on values.

Today more people should be divisive.

I don’t mean obnoxious. I mean divisive. And the reason is that you cannot create real unity unless you are willing to divide. Unity needs to be based on real values and standards that are independently held and that are agreed on by each person. Then there is unity.

If you aren’t willing to be my enemy, then you’re not worthy to be my friend. If you’re not willing to divide if needed, then the kind of unity you are offering is worth nothing.

There is too much at stake to do otherwise.

Let’s talk about why: Political Conservatives and Religious Conservatives today agree that things are changing in our society — for the worse.

I want to help you think through what role we as conservatives have had in the decline. We’re not the ones driving the change. But a lot of the time we are the ones allowing it.


  • Republicans in Congress who always seem to want to compromise.
  • Good people in the church who stay silent while liberalizers and social justice warriors take over.

Why does this happen? Partly it’s because conservatives — being generally wholesome, normal folks — have a hard time imagining just how dangerous of an enemy the liberals are.

I say enemy.

I know it’s not a soft word, but it’s the truth. There is a battle going on for hearts and minds and for the direction of our institutions — including two of the most important institutions — the church and the government.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Today, good men are doing nothing. They are not treating evil men as if they actually believe them to be dangerous.

In the most famous novel of the 20th century, Atlas Shrugged, you’ll find a term for this: It’s called the sanction of the victim meaning the permission of the victim.

Here is how the sanction of the victim works:

  1. Evil is by its nature something self-contradictory and parasitical.
  2. Evil people don’t create — they destroy.
  3. Evil people cannot dominate good people in the long term unless the good people let them.
  4. But if good people are willing to work and produce and then turn over their work to those who destroy, then evil people can retain a position of dominance for awhile — because they have been given a moral sanction or permission from their victims.

When we refuse to tell people what our standards are — or to tell people when they have done wrong by us — when we refuse to judge or to stand up for ourselves, then evil people will take more and more until there is nothing left. They can only win with our cooperation. And from the looks of it, we have been doing an awful lot of cooperating lately.

We have bought into two terrible myths:

  1. Who am I to know?
  2. Who am I to stand up for myself?

These questions turn us into useless cowards. And they turn our enemies bold. We have to learn to identify our enemies, because that is the reality.

President Obama (my enemy) was willing to say that voters should “punish their enemies and reward their friends.” At one point he said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Our enemies are real, and they are serious. How serious are we?

Normally, Republican presidents and legislators don’t talk that way, do they?In fact, this explains the appeal of Trump. When you have an enemy as wicked and powerful as the modern Democratic Party, you do not have time for a soft spoken Republican. You want someone who will fight.

Not everyone in the world is a fighter. And that’s okay.

But many people do need to be fighters — many more than we currently have.

We need to contend for the truth. In the past 241 years, hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have died so that our country could be protected and safe — and so that we could have the freedom to believe what we want about God and to say what we believe.

It would be an absolute disaster if we were to give away what those men fought for because we are too busy being “nice.”

We are in the middle of a war, whether you want to declare it or not. The person who is willing to be divisive — and extreme — and principled — is the one who will win.



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