The Rabbit Hole: 25 Crazy Things Happening to Our Gospel Comrades

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
2 min readMay 28, 2019


How do you even keep track of the crazy social justice “doings” of our purported brothers?

It’s not an easy task.

But I made this list today to help you out.

25 Crazy Things Happening to Our Gospel Comrades

  1. Alistair Begg explains the latest awful Evangelical trend
  2. How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping Into The Church
  3. Christian Answers Against Social Justice
  4. Russell Moore Says Rights Are Never Absolute
  5. Why Did Eric Metaxas Quit Russell Moore’s Evangelical Immigration Table?
  6. Tom Buck Gets the SBC’s Attention
  7. Rebecca McLaughlin: Gospelizing Idolatry at TGC
  8. Leadership Network / InterVarsity Press Emerge as Revoice Sponsors
  9. A Student’s Reflections of the Recent Lynching Seminar at SEBTS
  10. Stop Redefining White Supremacy If You Want To Be Taken Seriously
  11. “Whiteness is Wickedness”?
  12. Thabiti Is a Blessing
  13. Would Mark Dever Say Christians Can Vote for Democrats in Good Conscience?
  14. More On the Sin of Christians Voting Democrat
  15. Beware of Evangelical Inc.’s “Third Way”
  16. Social Justice and the Downgrade of SEBTS
  17. Critical Theory, Liberation Theology, and SEBTS
  18. Al Mohler and Leftist Apologies
  19. Social Justice Exposed — Comments on the ShepCon Q&A
  20. The Gospel Coalition’s Drift Toward Identity Politics
  21. The Sorry State of Evangelical Rhetoric
  22. The Silence Of The Shepherds On The Abortion Of The Lambs
  23. You can’t make this stuff up — But Joe Carter can.
  24. Master’s Seminary Hoists the White Flag
  25. Jon Harris Gets Hired By The Gospel Coalition

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Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual