Toxic Masculinity?

G.S. Muse
For the New Christian Intellectual
5 min readJan 16, 2019


I was recently asked: What does it mean to be masculine?

Here is my answer.

Being the man God created me to be, and valuing Truth, honor, justice, and mercy. The man is different from the woman, because he is primarily involved in building and stewarding a thriving world around him, while the woman is his helpmate, generally nurturing and maintaining the home in her domestic role.

Each role is dynamic and complex, obviously. A woman is a helpmate, not the slave of her husband. Men are also not just builders, we are protectors, and we nurture children, especially to the extent that we help them feel safe and cared for.

Feminists and Leftists often want to drag men through the mud, for whatever reason. Perhaps they had a bad relationship with their own fathers — like nearly all (if not entirely all) of the great minds of Atheism. There is often an anger towards fathers, or men from former relationships, and this bleeds in blinding rage over to all men.

As for the recent ad from Gillete on “Toxic Masculinity” — the main problem in our world is not “Toxic Masculinity” but a lack of masculinity. There has been a lack of input from real men into the next generation, and it has created a crisis of masculinity. That’s a major part of why we see such a rise in violence, homosexuality, and the objectification of women.

There is something out there that can be called Toxic Masculinity, and there is a thing that can be called Toxic Femininity. I have long maintained that there are forms of evil that take on a masculine or a feminine form. The wayward woman in The Book of Proverbs would be one example. But these aren’t the only forms of evil that exist.

Let’s not equate man’s sinful nature with that which is good and masculine — such as a boy’s desire to play rough with other boys. Instead, let’s recognize actual problems that actually exist, such as the need for fathers to be men, and show their sons what it means to be a man. Too many boys and girls grow up without a father, or with no relationship with their father to speak of.

While we are on the topic, let’s stop this government welfare practice of breaking up families.

Men, if we want to be men, then we need to look to the LORD, and break addictions to pornography, and turn off the TV when Game of Thrones or Family Guy come on. We need to seek to honor women, even if they insist on screaming naked in the street. We need to be able to be vulnerable with other men who have demonstrated a character that we can trust.

The idiots at this razor company decided to take a dump on men as a whole, saying that “some” men do the right thing — implying the rest of us are steaming turds. But I want to remind you all of who you are and where you come from. Your inheritance is in Judeo-Christian Western Civilization — and your ancestors, physical or not, fought to end slavery. They fought for freedom, and individual rights — often for people in far away lands.

They also fought to end dictatorship — our fathers and grandfathers went to war to end savages in Europe and Japan who were responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and our fathers and grandfathers did this so they could protect, not so they could plunder Europe and Japan.

I recently read a quote from Paul Washer, a famous pastor, who said men, if you ever get in touch with your feminine side, crucify it!

When God created Adam, naked without shame and strong in the Garden, ready to take on the World, and to tame it as king, God said that it was good! A man’s identity was created as good.

And then He created woman.

Eden was beautiful, and then men rejected God.

When these Leftists and Marxists come out equating vileness with God-given masculinity, followed recently by their claim that all masculinity is toxic, they are lying! These are creatures that crawled straight out of the Pitt of Hell, and they are the same ones who put pornography on TV, and then complain about its effects.

Men, you were created to be “very good.” But the only way we can be good men to our full is if we turn to the one perfect man, Jesus Christ. Many have seen these emasculated depictions of a hippie who was “nice” to everyone, but that is not the Christ we read about in the eyewitness accounts we find in Scripture. Yes, He was gentle, but He was also very strong, and He was never a coward who backed down or who failed to show people love and Truth when it was needed.

That is what I have to say for now. If there are real men and women out there who want to add, then please, by all means.

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G.S. Muse
For the New Christian Intellectual

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