What Can Anyone Do? How to Put a Stop to the Enemies Within the Church

All anyone can do is speak up.

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual


Speak up. And help others do the same.

That’s my mission. I’ve found a friend with the same conviction: the award-winning filmmaker Judd Saul.

We as Christians can only ever do the kind of thing that Judd Saul is doing in his new film — we can stand up and speak the truth.

Judd Saul’s new film is called Enemies Within the Church.

He is confronting the Cultural Marxism and Social Justice trend within churches and exposing the non-Christian sources funding the movement.

This film is not about making enemies. It’s about exposing the enemies that already exist — even among organizations long thought to be biblically faithful.

Enemies Within the Church is positioned to have a huge effect on our nation and on our churches. It will be a line in the sand and a rallying point for those holding to biblical convictions.

This is a film about politics — and faith.

That means the film is about people’s hearts before God — and it is about how we as citizens can be good stewards. That is how much is at stake.

There will be some who look at this film and think, oh this is just about attacking people and creating division. Quite the opposite. This film is going to create unity — because there is only ever unity around truth.

Find out more about the film in our latest interview with director Judd Saul:

Let’s get this movie made.

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