What premise makes this ghoulish behavior possible? Collectivism.

Collectivism says that “the ends justify the means.”

The “end” in view is an overall reduction in black children born into poverty (thus “advancing” the economic state of the “black community” on the whole).

The “means” is the killing of up to 45 babies per day.

If you view humanity the same way you view a hive of bees, so that the important thing is the whole hive, not the individuals, then you can try to justify the sacrifice of individuals for the sake of the “advancement of the black community.”

But human beings are not bees. Each of these babies has value.

The alternative to collectivism is individualism: the system in which each individual person has inalienable rights, and no “collective good” can be used as a claim to require individual sacrifice.

Do not characterize abortion as individualism. True, there is a mindset that says “I want sex with no consequences, because I am all that matters,” and that has often been called “individualism.” But that is not individualism — it is not a viewpoint that upholds the value and inalienable rights of each individual. A better name for the vicious way of thinking that sacrifices others would be “brutishness.”

And “brutishness” is also the right description for the professors and politicians and doctors who support the killing of babies. They are made brutish by their collectivist premises — the Margaret Sanger approach to social planning that exterminates “unwanteds.”

Such premises are collectivistic. Behold what collectivism has accomplished — and always will.

Behold what collectivism means: It means the sacrificing of some, for the sake of the supposed good of others.

Does your moral system require human sacrifices?

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