“Whiteness is Wickedness”?

Jacob Brunton
For the New Christian Intellectual
2 min readApr 7, 2019


Ekimini Uwan (aka @sista_theology) recently spoke at the Sparrow conference on Whiteness as wickedness. As might reasonably be expected, some white people were offended.

If you’re unsure why someone might be offended by this language, you’re probably lying to yourself. To understand why I say that, watch this video which switches the races in an article covering Uwan’s talk:

In spite of the obvious reasons to take offense though, many of Uwan’s supporters have feigned surprise at the offense and suggested that white people should try to be less “fragile.”

Karen Swallow Prior is a professor at Liberty University and a research fellow at the ERLC. This tweet was in response to the controversy over Uwan’s talk.

Other defenders of Uwan have suggested that what she really means by “whiteness” is something closer to the concept of “white supremacy”––so, they claim, there’s no reason for all this outrage.

But that doesn’t really make the situation much better. It just demonstrates that the teaching of Uwan and her ideological cohorts is either racist or deceptive.

If they mean white supremacy, then why not say white supremacy? Why choose to use the more vague and inflammatory word, “whiteness”?

There are only 2 possible motives, both evil:

1) They have bought into a racist ideology which teaches that white people inherently support white supremacy.

2) They intentionally want to offend white people so that they can then deceptively accuse those offended of not caring about white supremacy.

The only possible third option is that someone has been deceptively taken in by one (or both) of the above, such that they do not know that of which they speak. This can be evidenced by their inability to objectively explain that of which they speak.

Regardless, whether they are preaching racism, whether they are being deceptive, or whether they are deceived — it is all evil, it is all divisive, and it must all be silenced.

Where are the Church leaders, the men, who typically silence such deception & evil?

They are either supporting these divisive teachers, or they are silent. Either way, they are complicit.

The Church desperately needs new ideological leaders who will not bow to the mob of racism, deception, and manipulation. We need new Christian intellectuals.