You can’t make this stuff up — But Joe Carter can.

P. Andrew Sandlin’s piece showed why we are entitled to use the phrase “Cultural Marxism,” despite Joe Carter’s disastrous attempt at discrediting those who use the phrase.

But Joe Carter is capable of being wrong in multiple directions at the same time. In 2018 Carter argued that social justice is a term we ought NOT abandon, despite its frequent use within liberal secular philosophy since the 1970s.

Jacob Brunton has shown why Joe Carter is mistaken on “social justice.” In today’s discussions it’s not a great idea to refer to good things as “social justice.” Neil Shenvi makes a similar point here.

Strangely, Joe Carter has shown himself mistaken on what to do with the phrase “social justice” and on what to do with the phrase “Cultural Marxism,” each time making opposite mistakes. It is almost as if he were working to find new ways to call good “evil” and evil “good.”

To his embarrassment, the kind of arguments Joe Carter offers for one claim and the other tend to contradict each other.

P. Andrew Sandlin summarizes:

Let’s get it straight: we should abandon “Cultural Marxism” since it’s become tainted through use of racists and the alt-right. But we should retain “social justice,” despite the fact that it’s a mainstay in the lexicon of modern Leftism, including Cultural Marxism. You can’t make this stuff up.

Additional reading:

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