You Have a Big Goal — But What Can You Do THIS Month?

Here is an exercise to find out.

Cody Libolt
For the New Christian Intellectual
2 min readApr 17, 2019


Jot down a one-sentence answer to the following:

If you had $500,000 suddenly given to you, what would you do differently over the next 6 months?

Go ahead.

Write it down.

  • Finally complete a project? (Or finally start one?)
  • Hire a virtual assistant?
  • Finally get a good doctor?
  • Pay someone to fix a problem for you?
  • Take more time away from work?
  • Put more time into a different kind of work?
  • Go to a different place?
  • Use your time differently?
  • Get something?
  • Upgrade something?
  • Pay off something?
  • Take care of something?
  • Donate to something?
  • Invest in something — or someone?
  • Create an endowment?

Choose. Write it down.

This question has a point:

Now that you know what you’d do if that money came your way, ask yourself:

Are you working toward earning that kind of money so that you can do it?

Would you be willing to work toward that? If so, what would your first step look like?

Or perhaps money is not even the real obstacle.

Are you able to achieve part of your stated aspiration — even starting this month?

Can you make the next 6 months look something like what you answered, even without that extra money?

If so, why wouldn’t you?

Or if not, then what would have to be true in order for you to be able to change that “no” into a “yes”?

Is there some desire that this question brought to the forefront of your attention? Something you can identify as worthy of seeking now?

Is the lack of money really what is holding you back? Or is it a lack of vision — and grit to get it done?

Before there comes vision, there must come imagination.