You Look At Who I Platform—Sure Dr. Mohler

“You look at who I invite to my campus, you look at who I cite, you look at who I platform — I feel pretty good about the message.” -Albert Mohler

Okay. Dr. Mohler, you say you’re concerned about the trends of social justice and cultural marxism. Let’s look at who you hire.

From TGC, released today:

Michael Haykin, SBTS professor of church history and biblical spirituality at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (hired in 2008) talks about Marxism:

“What about the charge that some evangelicals’ emphasis on social justice reveals them to be a species of Marxism? I personally find that a ludicrous statement and tantamount to fear-mongering in a cultural climate for which socialism is an ever-present bugbear.”
“…they’ve bought into a cultural narrative that was shaped in the 20th century, when the ideological enemy was communism (the Cold War and all that), which was understood by many between the 1920s and the 1970s as the Antichrist. It is not easy to shake off this ethos. Tie that into a historic mistrust of the government, and the fact that social justice often involves governmental regulations, and you have the present climate of fear.”

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