Announcing my new chatbot, Emojify

In the past few weeks I’ve been making a pivot with my solo venture to chatbots. I’ve “seen the light” so to speak — I’m convinced that these funky conversational interfaces are a “next big thing” — and I’d like to be one of the people building them. To that effect, I’m excited to share my newest product, Emojify, a chatbot for Slack, Telegram and Twitter (and coming soon to other platforms, too!) Emojify translates any message into emoji. On Slack you can use it as a /command and on Telegram you can use it inline in any conversation.

The translation library is growing every day as I add more phrases (and it will grow by a lot more as new emoji are added). I’m also open to suggestions, so if there’s a translation you think is missing, let me know.

In related news, if you are looking to have a custom bot built for your brand or business (or anything else, really), I’m available for work. I can build bots for any platform at any scale, and I have experience in natural language processing, game design and more. Interested? Get in touch.

Wondering whether you need a chatbot? I’m planning to write something later this week to answer that question, so stay tuned.

Check out Emojify.

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