What kind of Government should America be?

A lot of talk throughout the latest presidential election cycle, is whether the United States of America should still continue as democracy. With the rise of someone like Senator Bernie Sanders, who boarders along the lines of a Socialist, there will always be questions of whether the United States of America should change their ways of how the governement is run.

In 1776 the founding fathers really wanted to make a free nation, and not have the country run like England, or any other country as a matter of fact. This is why I believe that the nomination of Supreme Court Justices has become so critically important. Because the job of Supreme Court Justices, is to interpret the constitution in the way that the law is interpreted. The more conservative justices see the founding fathers writing the constitution with a fixed intent. The founding fathers saw the future of this nation, and they wanted these laws for the future of the country. Where as the more liberal justices believe that the laws can change with time. So for example they believe that the rules of banking could change with time. Because with time all things can change. And just this way of thinking could be a huge way of the way people want this country to be run. Does democracy change or was the thought fixed?

What would the possibilities be if the United States wanted to change from a democracy? A democracy is “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

First I believe the most common change certain people would want to see is to change to a communist government. A communist government is “a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.” This is something that is so very different from democracy. I believe that people would want this kind of government for a few different reasons. First I feel some people feel very poor, and they want equality among the classes. And I believe that people will want to even the playing field and want to take back what is theirs as far as taxes, and eqality. Second I believe that people will want to even the playing field with their finances. So people will want to make the same amount as other people, this way there is no equality among finances.

The second type of government I believe that people will want to change to in my opinion is a Theocracy. A Theocracy is “is a situation where the religious leaders assume a leading role in the state, but do not claim that they are instruments of divine revelation.” This is a type of government that is known for being a strict religious conditions. And I believe that people would want this kind of government because I believe that some people are sick of the crime that is taking place in this country. And because of this people will want some strict rules in place to help curve the crime rate.

The third type of government I believe that people would want instead of democracy is a dictatorship. And at first glance, people see that word and absolutely hate the though of it. And people very much think that it is a very dirty word, because they instantly think of being oppressed, and being submissive. The definition of a dictatorship is “government by a dictator”. It is something that people do not naturally like. However when we look at dictatorships at the time that they were all taking place, people very much liked the dictator that was coming in to run the governemnt. For example in Germany, people absolutely loved Adolf Hitler and what he stood for. I believe they loved him because he stood for a failing economy that was being turned around, he stood for a military that was weak and it became strong, he stood for Germany when no one else would. And I believe that is how it works when people start getting into a person and want to give them more power then necessary.

And I believe the United States of America took a very interesting step in a few different directions during this election cycle. I say this because we had the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders, and the rise of our now president Donald Trump.

Senator Bernie Sanders is someone who was the closest to a communist that we have ever had run for president of a major political party. And people came out and wanted him to be president more then any other person with his standing before. And his biggest supporters were the young people. Which is something that I thought was very interesting because it shows us that young people are much more open to new ideas and ideas that haven't typically worked on countries of this size. And it showed us that people did not want the same old politician to be the president of the United States of America.

And with the rise of someone like Donald Trump, I think it was very interesting because he represented the working man in a lot of cases. Which to me doesnt make a ton of sense because he was by far not the average working man. He was a billionaire real-estate mogul who was married to beautiful women. He is not the average person. But he spoke like the average person which is why I believe he did so well in the election. People voted for someone who was so different for the country and so different from the norm that they wanted someone who most people didnt think had a change. An author once wrote that “Power is enhanced and/or qualitatively altered”. (Grunlan) And personally I believe that most of these politicians are mostly interested in power, because I believe that they have an ego and want to be as popular as they can get.

“Organizations provide a power base for individuals. From a purely economic standpoint, organizations exist to create a surplus of income over costs by meeting needs in the marketplace. But organizations also are political structures which provide opportunities for people to develop careers and therefore provide platforms for the expression of individual interests and motives. The development of careers, particularly at high managerial and professional levels, depends on accumulation of power as the vehicle for transforming individual interests into activities which influence other people.” (Zaleznik). I absolutely love this quote because it shows us that politics is very much about people who want more power then they can handle. The Bible had a few things to say about people who just crave power. “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan” (Probverbs 29:2). And I think that this verse sums up so perfectly the times that we are living in right now, because some people absolutely love Donald Trump, and a ton of people absolutly hate Donald Trump.

So as a christian I look at this question and I wonder, if this was a nation in which we didn’t have freedom, and didnt have freedom of religion would good want us to be forced to be a christian to enter this nation? I dont think God would want us to just be a nation of Christians because if we didnt have non-Christians in this country then we really wouldnt be doing our job because we wouldnt be doing our job of spreading the word of God. But if we were a nation of Christians, then we would be honoring God by being a nation that is for him, and a nation that would be doing right morally. However we would become the Christians that do not know any Christians. And I believe that Jesus walked among people that didnt like him, or people that were clearly not obeying his father, but he was still there witnessing to them.

In conclusion, I believe that a democracy is the best kind of government that the United States could be because it gives us freedoms that we wouldn't have otherwise. Such as the freedom to make our own choices and our own lives. That is why I believe that democracy is the best.

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