Why Trump nor Hillary Can Save African-Americans

[written by Eden Staff]

Inner city violence is a direct result of Black Women consistently having babies with men who have ‘no’ intention of marrying them; and these men are typically unproductive citizens in society (petty drug dealers, drunkards, drug addicts, and career criminals).

You’ll be hard pressed to find a decent man in the ‘hood. Because the decent men get far away from the ‘hood.

The root of all of this is ungodliness, which includes a high level of witchcraft, and the desire to choose wrong over right.

It won’t ever get better because so many of these women in the inner cities love the ungodliness and crime; and this gives power to those in the Occult to harvest the lives of these children of whoredom.

Those bastard boys and young men killing each other are a direct result of whoreish mothers raising them. The whorish mother’s reward is to see her offspring die.

So all those candlelight vigils, and walks to stop the Black on Black Crime will NEVER work, unless the women in the ‘hood stop being whores; give their life to Jesus Christ; and live as God created them to live.

The ‘hood is a death trap to all those that enjoy it: Some die sooner than others, but the ‘hood destroys ALL that embrace and choose to stay in it.

The violence in the ‘hood is the ultimate repayment for Black Women choosing sin over righteousness.