Throw Another Punch

When is marriage over? When is love gone? Sometimes it is killed by lies, infidelity, pain of loss, sometimes by indifference.

When the fights are non-existent, does that mean you have found true happiness or is it just complacency? Is the fight for your marriage over in the moment you don’t feel your heart flutter with each kiss?

The fight is ONLY OVER when the fighters give up. If one fighter gives up, it probably means they are hurt or tired. In a marriage, when one fighter goes down, the other should lift him up, not let him stay down for the count. We all fall sometimes — and we can go against gravity by ourselves if we want, but that is much harder than accepting an outstretched hand from someone you love.

What is a couple fighting? They fight to keep love and affection alive. See — that’s the thing. They aren’t fighting one another, they are fighting FOR one another — to keep one another — to make one another fulfilled. But that is harder to do than to say. There are so many things to fight about instead.

A husband and wife can fight about many things including, but not limited to; adultery, dishonesty, difference of opinions, intimacy, finances, children, history, the future — anything! Then why even fight? If there’s so much fighting going on, why is it even worth it?

Because children never fully heal from the psychological damage divorces cause.

Because it is a sorry thing to just give up on one of the most important things in your life.

Because the world is an awful place, and no one should have to go through it alone.

Because you made vows.

Because your goal as a Christian is to be like Jesus. Jesus’s bride is the church. He would never leave her, nor should you leave your spouse.

Because you and your spouse have been made into one flesh, and to tear your flesh apart from itself is to also lose a part of yourself.

Because allowing the bond to break is allowing the Enemy to win.

Because what God has brought together, NOTHING can tear apart. It can only tear apart if you give it permission to! Your marriage is much stronger than you give it credit for, because God is on its side.

There is no wound — physical, mental, emotional — that heaven can’t heal, and even though sorrow may tarry through the night, joy comes in the morning.

Nothing is impossible with God — no matter what you’ve done — no matter how deep the cuts are — there is NOTHING He cannot fix, no matter how far gone you are.

But there has to be a fight. A fight for a relationship with God at the center. When God is at the center, then Love is at the center, because God is LOVE.

He is everything, and while you and your spouse raise your fists to take on the world together, he is your biggest supporter, your biggest fan, your strength, your breath.

So take a deep breath, and throw another punch.

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