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The Book of Lamentations — How to Love, by Lil Wayne

The “Faith & …” Series is an ongoing project that aims to bring Scripture to life through the various forms of media Christians engage with on a daily basis. Faith & Radio is an effort to take mainstream music and recognize major threads of the Biblical narrative that can be found in popular songs. In many cases, the artists likely do not even realize that elements of their music can be road signs to the Good News. Nevertheless, these themes are here to be seen if we train ourselves to recognize them!

The Siege, and subsequent fall, of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonian Empire in 587 B.C. is one of the darkest moments in the Old Testament narrative. The destruction and desolation that followed for Judah and the people of God was absolute. Those who survived the conquest were carried away to exile, and Jerusalem was left barren and in ruins.

The prophet Jeremiah, who likely authored Lamentations, uses the analogy of Jerusalem as a young woman. As the people of Judah fail to trust God, and instead fall into idolatry and injustice, Jeremiah uses the analogy of a woman who was once fair and has now been trafficked into slavery.

In this way, there are strong parallels between Lamentations and Lil Wayne’s poignant song How to Love. The chart below aims to capture the connections between the two:



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