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The Bible Project

The Most Valuable Podcast for the Christian Life Today

Long-form podcasts have challenged the common assertion that the attention span of the average adult is short. Podcasts represent a new medium for consuming content that offer greater depth on whatever topic a person is interested in.

This movement toward deeper concern regarding a myriad of topics is welcomed news in the sphere of Christian thought, and perhaps no other organization has better harnessed this hunger for greater understanding of faith than the Bible Project.

With weekly podcast episodes often spanning longer than an hour, the dynamic duo of Dr. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins offer to the listener biblical content that is equal parts approachable and challenging. The giftedness of each co-host combined to form the podcast is the real strength of the offering. Tim Mackie is a true scholar, an academic mind that offers the listener an expert-level rendering of the Scripture. Jon Collins is an unbelievable listener and conversationalist who succeeds in taking Tim Mackie’s insights and boiling them down to an essence that virtually any Christian can understand and appreciate. The two work together in seemingly flawless fashion. Often, I wonder if the two forget they are recording a podcast… that is how effortless and engaging their work comes across to the listener.

If the strength of the podcast was not enough, the Bible Project also takes these long-form podcasts and condenses them into shorter, yet equally profound, animated videos. These videos are where the talents of Jon Collins become apparent. The long-form podcast is where the brilliance of Tim Mackie can be appreciated by the mature Christian looking for a deep-dive into a myriad of biblical topics. Jon’s animated videos (that Tim co-narrates) boil the content of the podcasts down to their essence.

Here, one sees how the Bible Project offers something for everyone. The podcast are essentially brainstorming sessions for Tim and Jon, where they take a theme or topic from Scripture and cover it from every angle. The most significant themes that emerge from these deep dives ultimately manifests itself in the form of the animated videos. The entire process is a joy to experience.

My introduction to the Bible Project, ironically enough, came during an assigned presentation from one of my student’s some years ago. I, the Professor, sat in the back of the room stunned by the richness, brevity, and digestible nature of a 5-minute video on the complex theme of Covenant in the Bible. You can watch it here. It sounds cliche, but that morning it was a student of mine who introduced me to an incredibly valuable resource I had not heard of.

So, whether you are in kid’s ministry or youth ministry and are simply looking for resources that will offer concise, accurate introductions to difficult biblical themes, or whether you are a graduate-level student of the Christian faith looking to go deeper in one’s Christian journey; the Bible Project has resources for you!

I cannot recommend the Bible Project to you with enough enthusiasm. If you intend to start with the videos, the presentation on Covenants above is excellent. If you want to jump into the deep end of the Bible Project resource pool, I found the podcast episodes on 7th Day Rest to be mind-blowing. Here is the first episode of that particular series (the 4th episode in the series was particularly jaw-dropping for me).

And, best of all, the Bible Project is FREE. You can enjoy all of their ad-free content for no cost, because the Bible Project is a crowd-funded non-profit. They exist to give Christians expert-level content for free. And, their ethos is admirable. What the organization stands for is clear in their mission statement:

From page one to the final word, we believe the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus. This diverse collection of ancient books overflows with wisdom for our modern world. As we let the biblical story speak for itself, we believe the message of Jesus will transform individuals and entire communities.

The Bible Project honors the Bible perhaps more than any ministry I have come across. This organization is serious when they assert that they exist to let the Bible speak for itself.

If you desire to know how to better read and understand the Bible, then the Bible Project is the most ideal resource for you!




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