Graduate Trainees 2017/18: Natalie Brashear

Natalie in front of Christie’s New York

As a Christie’s Graduate Trainee I take part in four several-month-long rotations through various specialist departments, the first of which is Christie’s Watches. Although I have only been working in the department for a little over a week now, I am beginning to learn just how much there is to know about the intricately wound world of watches. Did you know that watches come with their own papers and certificates — testaments of their verity, originality and history? My theory classes from the past year have clearly enlivened my imagination, because questions of ontology, aura, and the words of Martin Heidegger and Walter Benjamin bounce through my mind on the daily. Each watch I encounter seems to have its own personality and presence; every face tells a story. In order to prepare for an upcoming November online auction, I tag and photograph the various lots, a task that lends me the privilege of holding and examining many incredible watches. I am beginning to think of every watch as an individual player in the looming production of the auction. I look forward to watching the process unfold further and ultimately to seeing how each will perform.

Image from Christie’s July 2017 online watch auction
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