10 tips that help me raise my children

1. Teach them Responsibility

Responsibility is a key factor to teaching our children independence. It’s amazing how they show a sense of pride when they are in charge of a certain task and receive praise for doing it well.

Start small depending on age for example setting and or clearing the table, loading the dishwasher or even just stripping their own bed. With age comes more responsibilities and the ability to look after themselves and others in the future.

2. Love them (obviously)

Love should be shown to our children regardless on how challenging they can be sometimes. Love is doing just the simplest things for them such as a cuddle or even saying it to them. Never assume that a child knows you love them by providing material things. Love also means correcting them when they are wrong, even though it means feeling guilty.

3. Teach them to Respect themselves and others

Our children should show respect to people of all walks of life but they must not forget to respect themselves too. By our children respecting themselves they will always make sure that they think about the consequences of their actions.

4. Build their Confidence

Confidence, it’s important to build our children’s confidence because in the long run it helps them have the courage to try new things and the ability to try again should things not go their way the first time, rather than wallow in self pity.

5. Honesty — Teach & Practice

Honesty however hard it may be to tell the truth we need to remind our children that it is important that they speak the truth and learn to keep their word in whatever they say they are going to do.

6. Teach them Kindness

Kindness is such a beautiful thing. We need our children to show kindness to everyone regardless who they are. By showing kindness to others they bring a smile to others.

7. Teach them Gratitude

Gratitude, we need to always be thankful for what we have rather than dwell on what we don’t have. Once we project this on our children they will soon learn to do the same and as a result the universe will deal favour upon them.

8. Hard Work

Our children need to realize that nothing comes from nothing and should therefore be willing to put in the work to achieve their goals.(It is important to teach your children to set goals from an early age)

9. “If at first you don’t succeed…Try, try again”

Children need to know that life is not a straight line but it will have ups and downs and therefore on occasions need to try harder to achieve their goals. This is very important because it teaches them not to be quitters but instead to be fighters.

10. Teach them to enjoy their own company

Teach them to enjoy their own company and not to settle for less, they need to be comfortable enough to be left to entertain themselves.

This means that they don’t need to follow or be part of a crowd and in the future when they choose relationships they won’t need to settle for less than they deserve.