The Truth About Grammarly!

There’s no excuse for colossally bad writing

Christopher OLDCORN
Aug 17 · 3 min read

Grammarly’s free version checks for critical grammar and spelling errors. Everyone should use the free version. It is better than Word’s grammar and spellchecker.

There is an import feature, but I find it doesn’t work well. Because of that, you cut and paste your writing into Grammarly. When finished editing, you cut and paste your writing back into Word. However, it is a small inconvenience for writing higher quality work. There’s a Word plugin, but it only allows you to select your audience and none of the other features. It works if you are only interested in doing a basic grammar check.

Grammarly’s premium version scrutinizes your writing for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure. It looks for overused words and suggests alternatives. For example, it suggested “scrutinizes” when I wrote “checks” in the first sentence of this paragraph. With the vocabulary enhancement suggestions, you can expand your vocabulary.

The vocabulary enhancement won’t turn you into James Joyce but might make you appear smarter!

If you write for different audiences, there are genre-specific writing style checks. If you are writing an academic essay, you shouldn’t be writing in the first person (unless it is a personal essay). But, if you are writing a personal blog post, you can write in the first person. The premium version allows you to write to both audiences with the correct style.

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For students, there is a plagiarism detector that checks over 16 billion web pages. A great feature to make sure you have given the proper citations in your essay.

Recently, Grammarly added a new feature called “Tone.” You can decide the tone of your writing. For example, is it optimistic or neutral? I experimented with this new feature and found it improved my intent.

Grammarly’s paid premium version is worth every penny!

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Christopher Oldcorn

A writer & journalist curious about the world. Published over 150+ stories in 20+ publications. Hire my curiosity

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A writer curious about the world. Published over 150 stories in 20+ publications. Keep in touch

Christopher Oldcorn

A writer & journalist curious about the world. Published over 150+ stories in 20+ publications. Hire my curiosity