5/25 Update Patch Note

(Edited ‘Bug Fixes’ information on 5/25)

Greetings, Adventurers.

Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid will be undergoing maintenance on 05/25.

Please read on for more information on the 05/25 Update!

New Countries Added

Adventurers living in Korea and Singapore can download the app directly from the Google Play Store and App Store on 05/25 (UTC) after the maintenance completes.

Content Update

1. Added New Feats
Obtain [LR] Skill
- Obtain [LR] Relic
- Obtain [LR+] Skill
- Obtain [LR+] Relic

2. Expanded Archeology Lab Exploration Levels
Raise your Exploration Level and bring home better rewards in one try!

3. Extended the Launch Mission Event period
Old: ~ 5/30 6:00 AM (UTC)
- New: ~ 7/6 6:00 AM (UTC)


1. Reduced Party Cooldown Period
As many adventurers gave feedback on the party join cooldown being too long, we’ve reduced the cooldown period as follows:

2. Revamped Battle Icon
The debuff icon that appears upon using the False Edge: Holy skill has been revamped so that you can easily understand the battle situation.

3. Revamped Relic Feats
Obtaining Relic through the Relic upgrade now counts towards the Relic Feats. This helps you to complete the Relic-related feats faster.

4. Added New Feature
A reCAPTCHA verification has been added to prevent bot farming and abusing users. This feature will be applied upon guest login.
* If you’re playing as a guest, we recommend that you connect your account to protect your account information and log in easily. After the update maintenance is complete, please update the game to the latest version.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue on not being able to enter Adventure and Dungeons when you re-open the game from the background mode.
- Fixed issue on a server error pop-up exposing when you search for a deleted party ID.
- Fixed issue on dungeon tutorial being repeated on some users.

- Fixed issue on party settings be set to Auto Join upon leaving a party.
- Fixed issue on the reward being reduced when a new party member joins.
*- Issue on the Talent Point distributed incorrectly to some users. (The issue will get fixed on 6/8 Update)
(If you received fewer points than intended, you’ll receive the missing points after the update goes live. If you receive more points than intended, the excessive points will not be included when you earn points moving forward.)

[UI, Text]
- Fixed issue on League information being exposed incorrectly on the Adventurer League’s chat channel.
- Revamped Character’s Talent UI.
(You’ll now be notified more clearly when you obtain Normal Talent Points in the Talent menu.)
- Fixed issue on notification alert in the Archeology Lab exposing improperly.
- Fixed issue on not being able to set the party name and description according to the intended character limit.
- Fixed an issue where the boss skill icon exposed slanted downward in Timeline.
- Fixed issue on the line not being exposed from the Timeline UI.

- Fixed issue on a few skill stats not being exposed according to the grade.
> Tranquility
> Warmth
- Fixed issues on the skill description text being exposed incorrectly.
> Shield Thrust: Shock —
> Loop: Protection — Fixed an incorrect number of targets displayed.
> Touch: Regeneration — The instant healing value will now appear differently from the HoT value as intended.
> Cut Throat: Exploit — Fixed an incorrect ATK modifier displayed
- Fixed skill name in Korean being exposed incorrectly.

Thank you.

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