8/31 Update Patch Note

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Greetings, Adventurers.

Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid will be undergoing maintenance during the following period.

[Maintenance Schedule]
- 08/31 1:00 AM ~ 8:00 AM (UTC)

Please read on for more information on the 8/31 Update!

▶ New Content

  1. Rift
    Rift Created!
    Signs of a huge Rift have been spotted in the north of the Kingdom.
    Use Rift Stones to summon Rift Bosses that you can defeat with your Party members.
    Once Rift Bosses are eliminated within the time limit, all party members can obtain various rewards.
    Eliminate Rift Bosses

    Each Party member can enter the Rift once to eliminate monsters.
    Once all party members have entered the Rift, you need currency to enter Rift additionally.
    You can gain a party buff if you challenge the Rift alongside your party members.
    Obtain Rift Stone

    Rift Stones can be obtained at a set rate from Archeology Lab > Exploration.
    The higher the Exploration Level, the better chance to obtain higher grade Rift Stones
    They can also be obtained from Boxes on the World Map at a rare chance.
  2. New Rift Monsters:


3. Rift Feats have been added.
The bigger the level gap between characters and monsters, the lower the available amount of rewards.

▶ Skill System Update

New Skill System: Skill Mastery

  1. Skill Mastery
    Based on a long study at the Skill Lab, we have finally found a way to amplify skill effects.
    Spend Mythril or Gold on the Skill Settings screen to increase the Skill Mastery Level.
    Raise the Skill Mastery to boost the selected slot’s skill effects.
  2. Skill Mastery Level
    Skill Mastery Level can increase through mastering skills.
    The amount of the boosted Mastery Level will be given randomly.
    Based on your Skill Mastery Level, its achievable grade differs. The higher the Mastery Grade is, the lower the chances of gaining better Masteries.
    As the Mastery increases, it also increases the skill multiplier of that slot.
    If your skill levels are low, there may be restrictions on the skill multipliers even if the Mastery is high.
    Skill Mastery Feats have been added.
  3. Boosted Stats based on Skill Grade
    We realized that the amount of boosted Stats for higher Skill Grades was not satisfying.
    In this update, we have increased the fixed stat multipliers for each Skill Grade. You will now be able to enjoy more powerful skill effects based on the Skill Grade.
  4. Skill Improvements
    Certain skills used to have less to do with Skill Mastery. Through the Skill Mastery update, the following skills have received changes so that they can work better with Skill Mastery.

Berserk: Assault, Berserk: Sharp, Berserk: Protection, Berserk: Speed, Berserk: Fatal Hit

Gnome’s Bond, Salamander’s Bond, Naru’s Bond, Undine’s Bond, Wisp’s Bond

Adrenaline: Meditate, Adrenaline: Merciless, Adrenaline: Recharge, Adrenaline: Amplify, Adrenaline: Thrill

Sharpen: Prolong, Sharpen: Projectile, Sharpen: Execution

Quicken Mind: Meditate, Quicken Mind: Amplify, Quicken Mind: Overload, Quicken Mind: Displace, Quicken Mind: Thrill

Magic Circle: Recharge, Magic Circle: Speed, Magic Circle: Origin

▶ World Boss Improvements

  1. Revamped Rewards
    Revamped Ranking Rewards will be applied from World Boss starting September 5.

2. Display Update
After the update, you can now view the top 200 World Boss Ranks.

3. System Abuse Prevention
Although we imposed penalties on users who abused our game system, we have decided to improve the system so that the system abuse can be prevented in advance.
If there is a level gap (15 levels or higher) among party members, the character with the lower level receives more damage based on their level gap.
If the party receives a new member, the new party member can’t challenge the World Boss on the day they joined.

4. New Skills
The following skills have been added.

▶ Other Improvements

  1. Shop
    Black Market
    New: UR/USR Rift Stone and Dimension Coin
    - Price Lowered: EXP Stone, Gold Lump, and Element Skill Scroll Bundle
    - Dimension Shop
    - New: UR/USR Rift Stone
    - Price Lowered: EXP Stone and Gold Lump
    - Ancient Shop
    - New: Higher grade Reliquaries for each level
  2. Forge Display
    A new display will be shown when obtaining [SSR] Gear at the Forge.
    Also, the New icon will only be displayed when the better version of Gear is obtained.
  3. Help
    The Help description has received updates so that important parts can easily be highlighted.
  4. Mission Rewards
    You can now receive 150 Blue Gems instead of 480 Medals.
  5. U. Labyrinth Rewards
    U. Labyrinth Rewards are now updated as follows.
    - U. Labyrinth 18F Reward: [SSR] Reliquary x1
    - U. Labyrinth 23F Reward: [SSR] Chromatic Scroll x1
    - U. Labyrinth 28F Reward: [SSR] Reliquary x2
  6. Packs
    Research Skill Pack I, II
    - Forge Craft Pack I, II
    - Relic Upgrade Pack I, II
    - Skill Scroll Pack I, II, III
    - Gear Enhance Pack I, II, III
    - Gold Pack I, II, III
  7. Mics
    Along with Goblins and Nymphs, Wolves are now spawned in Auto Battle.
    In the case you change your party more than twice within 24 hours, you may be restricted from challenging Instance Dungeons and Rift.
    Every time you convert Soul Stones, there are Daily Minimum and Maximum Limits. The limits have now been updated.
    “Minimum Limit (for each Converting): Adjusted from 1,000 Soul Stones (previous) to 10,000 Soul Stones (updated) a day.
    Maximum Limit (for each Converting): Adjusted from 100,000 Soul Stones (previous) to 300,000 Soul Stones (updated) a day.”

▶ Balance Adjustment

  1. Adjusted Mithril Mine Reward
    Mithril Mine Bonus increases from 20% to 40% for each part when equipped with Soul Gear.
    The number of normal Mithril Mine Rewards has decreased.
  2. Increase Barrier of Druid’s skill
    Druid skills that have the Barrier effect have been updated. While lowering Barrier absorption, we have increased its healing.
  • Please see the following list for updated skills.
    - Touch: Protection
    - Retroact: Protection
    - Loop: ProtectionProtectionWarmth of Link
    - Tranquility: Displace
    - Tranquility: Protection
    - Moonlight: Link
    - Moonlight: Pulverize
    - Moonlight: Regeneration

▶ Bug Fixes

- Dungeon entry has been improved in Instance Dungeon, Ancient Fortress, U. Labyrinth and Mithril Mine. You can now enter Dungeons without the loading screen error and the previous Monster spawn error.
- The Talent graph is now properly displayed.
- You can now play World Boss even on the first day when you become the only member of the party.
- You can now check your World Boss daily attempts even on the first day when you become the only member of the party.
- The red dot icon on the World Map won’t be displayed if there’s no new content.
- Tapping Complete Now in the Archeology Lab > Exploration sometimes didn’t display its used Gems, or the display disappeared after a brief pop-up. This issue has now been fixed. The number of Blue Gems is now displayed next to the Complete Now button.
- When tapping on the Ok button repeatedly in the Login/Accel Reward pop-up screen, the Battle stopped abruptly. This issue has been fixed.
- When changing stages, the first display character silhouette was Warrior regardless of the user’s character. This issue has been fixed.
- Biting Wind: Displace’s skill display and the effect application are now synced.
- Demonic Dragon’s Heart’s Soul Skill Option has been fixed as intended.
- Sacred Flame and Ireful Devil’s Gear options are now instantly applied when stacked or hit.
- Arbiter’s Unholiness’s Gear now functions as intended.
- The loading issue that occurred when changing a character has been fixed.
- The text overlap issue in Missions has been fixed.
- Gash: Plague now functions as intended.

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