8/4 Update Patch Note

*Edited [Refinery Rework] and [Added Mining Bonus for Souls Gear] details on 8/3 1 PM (UTC).
*Edited [Maintenance Schedule]- Extended

Greetings, Adventurers.

Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid will be undergoing maintenance during the following period.

[Maintenance Schedule]*
- 08/04 3:00 AM ~ 9:00 AM(UTC).

Please read on for more information on the 8/4 Update!

New Contents

  1. Added World Boss: Dragon Turtle
    Adventurers Wanted!
    The Dragon Turtle has awoken from the deep sea! It’s staying near the Ancient Fortress, but it will invade the continent at any time.
    The kingdom needs every powerful Adventurer to take on this boss.
    World Boss spawns at 16:00 UTC and runs away at 15:00 UTC every day.
    If it’s defeated before it runs away, Elimination Rewards will be sent out to all Adventurers.
    Scoring higher damage against the World Boss will be your best record.
    The higher record of the two daily attempts will count.
    Rankings are determined based on the sum of contributions up to Sunday.
World Boss Rank Rewards

2. Updated Kingdom Rewards
Soul Stones are issued to the Adventurer with the highest contribution in World Boss elimination at 15:00 UTC every Monday.
The kingdom is devoted to recruit powerful Adventurers to take down the World Boss. Some rewards issued by the Adventurer League will be swapped for supplies for eliminating the World Boss.

3. Major Gear Revamp
The kingdom is putting spurs to produce better pieces of Gear as powerful monsters emerge. This means you can now earn [UR] and [UR+] Gear through fusion at the Refinery!

4. Forge Rework
You can now use Blue Gems and Red Gems to craft Gear at the Forge.

5. Added [UR], [UR+] Gear
You can now fuse [SSR+] and [UR] Gear to produce [UR] and [UR+] Gear respectively.
Check out these brand-new tiers at the Forge!

6. Added Craft Tickets
You can now earn Craft Tickets from many places in-game. Use them to craft Gear!

7. Refinery Rework*
A new method to craft [UR] Gear is by fusing [SSR+] Gear.
[UR] Gear crafted in-game is different from the Soul Gear(NFT).
You can craft [UR+] Gear by fusing [UR] Gears that were crafted in-game.
Now, all adventurers can use [UR] Gears.

8. Added Mithril Mining Bonus for Soul Gear*
As a new method to craft [UR] and [UR+] Gears got added, the Soul Gear (NFT) also gets updated!
The Soul Gear (NFT) is upgraded to give a more closely related role to the Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid’s ecosystem.
You’ll now earn more Mithril from Mithril Mines when you equip Soul Gear.
The more the Soul Gear is equipped, the more the Mithril bonus.

9. Added New Skills
8 new skills have been added, which can be obtained from the Tower of Knowledge.

10. Added Mystery Boxes
Many ships visiting the kingdom have been destroyed by the Dragon Turtle. You may find Mystery Boxes when you explore the coastline of the World Map. Retrieve them to get rewards.

11. Added Dimension Shop
We have new arrivals! Check out rarer items at the Dimension Shop!

12. Added New Feats
New Feats associated with this update have been added.
- World Boss Challenge Feats
- Mystery Box Feats
- Gear Crafting Feats

13. Added New Packs
New offers have been added. Keep an eye on a huge discount as you play!
- Accel Packs
- Forge Craft Packs
- Ancient Knowledge Packs
- Relic Packs
- Level Special Packs
- Adventurer League Packs
- Hurdle Breaker Packs

14. Added New Event
A special event will be held commemorating the World Boss update.
Take on the World Boss and earn amazing rewards!


  1. Revamped Weekly Mithril Gain Limit
    Buffed from 5,000 to 20,000.
  2. Increased Instance Dungeon Gold Reward
    You can now earn more Gold from Instance Dungeons of every grade. This will add more value to these dungeons in terms of rewards.
  3. New Missions
    Added a ‘Play World Boss’ mission to Weekly Missions.
    You can now earn Medal Rewards more easily.
  4. Adjusted Adventurer League Rewards
    Completion Rewards starting from Adventurer League Season 16 have been changed.

5. Simplified Tutorials
Tutorial dialogues at the beginning of your adventure have been simplified, allowing you to proceed to challenges faster.

6. Improved Check-In Rewards
Buffed the number of Check-In rewards.
Research Ticket: 1 → 5
[SSR] Skill Ticket: 1 → 5

7. Updated Mission Rewards
Added Craft Tickets to Mission Rewards.

8. Updated U. Labyrinth Rewards
Added Craft Tickets to U. Labyrinth Rewards.

9. Added Stage Clear Animation
Added an effect animation when advancing to the next adventure region.

10. Added Account Deletion Feature
Added a feature that allows you to delete your account.

11. Improved Soul Gear
The background of slots with Soul Gear equipped will now stand out more.

12. Added Normal Talent Point Icon
A new icon is now visible that indicates status upon selecting Normal Talents.

13. Added Rank Info Emblems
Added emblems that represent Adventurer League Ranks, World Boss Ranks, etc.

14. Added Shop Level Display
With this, you can now see which shop level you’re currently at and when the next level shop will become available.

15. Improved Skill Index Display
Skills will now be aligned based on their Elements in the Skill Index.

16. Improved ‘New’ Sign Display
Only the skills obtained for the first time will now have the ‘New’ mark in the Tower of Knowledge.

17. Improved Number of Items in Reward Slots
Improved the display for large reward quantities in areas such as Feat Rewards, Index Rewards, etc.

18. Added Gear Scrap Pop-up
Added a confirmation pop-up upon tapping the Scrap button in order to prevent the Gear from being scrapped instantly.

19. Improved Tutorial Skip Button
The tutorial skip button now has its own animation, allowing you to easily notice its location when you wish to skip tutorials.

20. Improved Accel Buff
The Accel Buff duration will now be stacked when used multiple times.

Balance Adjustments

Skills that determine their effects based on the target’s remaining HP have been adjusted.

  1. Knight
    Casting time changed from 1 sec to instant casting.
  2. Rogue
    Cut Throat: Execution
    More damage as the target’s HP is lower → Increases damage by 50% if the target has less than 50% HP
    Cut Throat: Exploit
    Absorbs HP based on damage → Heals self
  3. Mage
    Arcane Orb: Execution
    More damage as the target’s HP is lower → Increases damage by 50% if the target has less than 50% HP
    Arcane Orb: Potent
    More damage as the target’s HP is higher → Increases damage against targets with 80% or higher HP by 80%
    Arrows: Recharge
    Increased the number of shots by 1.
    Damage cycle decreased from 1.2 sec to 1 sec.

▶ Bug Fixes

- Fixed an incorrect name display for Earth Dragon’s Heart and Ice Dragon’s Heart Soul Gear.
- The effect that increases/decreases the casting speed will now affect the channeling speed.
- Soul Gear’s barrier absorption will now work as intended.
- Skills that affect Elements will now work as intended.
- Stats will now increase correctly upon learning identical Special Talents repeatedly.
- Stage progress will now drop as intended when a party is defeated during Auto Battle offline.
- A barrier will now be correctly generated based on damage taken when the Knight uses Absorb skills.
- Fixed an error that occasionally triggered effects repeated when the Guardian’s Shield Relic (Knight) was used.

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