Adventurer League Season 14 Rank Reward

[Adventurer League Season 14 Rank Reward]

🥇1st Place: 1,600,000 Soul Stones = 1,482 C2X($CTX)
와칸다는 돌아온다(아마도)

🥈2nd Place: 600,000 Soul Stones = 556 C2X($CTX)
K140님의 파티

🥉3rd Place: 300,000 Soul Stones = 278 C2X($CTX)

*The amount of reward is distributed equally to each party member.
*The ranking reward may get adjusted each season to sustain a healthy token economy.
*The amount of C2X($CTX) is an estimated price using the conversion rate on 7/30 UTC.

Adventurer League Season 15 is ongoing!
Keep your party moving! 😎



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