Core Game Currency Loop Talk Through

As you might all know by now, Mithril and Soul Stones are the key currencies in the game.

Here is why and how you can manage those currencies to help you earn through the gameplay.

Let’s begin!

All incoming adventurers will begin the journey as Normal Adventurers.

Adventurers will take journeys to several contents such as Idle Mode, Boss Battle, Chapter Dungeon, Ancient Fortress, U. Labyrinth, and Mithril Mine.(Detailed information on each mode is covered in the Medium Post.)

The first key currency that Adventurers will earn throughout the gameplay is called Mithril.

Adventurers can get Mithril from Medal Reward and Mithril Dungeon in the game.
Besides Medal Reward and Mithril Dungeon, if Adventurers want to obtain more Mithril faster, they can always get Mithril by using the C2X token to convert CST to Mythril.

Now you all must be wondering why you would be willing to want more Mythril.

Mythril can be used in various places to upgrade your character.
1. Mythril can be used to craft [SR] gear. Unused gear can be scrapped into Iron Ore which is required to enhance gears.
2. Mythril can be used to purchase items ([SR] Skill, [SR] Scroll, EXP, etc) from the Black Market.
3. Mythril can be converted to CST.

Being able to convert it to CST is essential!

CST is a utility token of Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid.
It is one of the tokens required to mint NFTs.
CST can be converted back to Mythril or to the C2X token.

C2X is a governing token in the C2X ecosystem.
(For more information on C2X, please visit the official website.)

C2X is required to mint and trade NFTs.
It can be converted to Soul Stones, the second key currency that Adventurers will earn in the game.

Soul Stones can be used to upgrade your character and a key route to get you earnings.
1. Soul Stones can be used to craft [SSR] gear.
2. Soul Stones can be converted back to C2X tokens.

Adventurers can obtain Soul Stones by competing in the Adventurer League.

Adventure League is where the core competition occurs in the game.

All adventurers are eligible to participate in the Adventurer League.
The League is in the season system and each season runs for 15 days.
The League rankings are based on the progress made in the Adventure Mode.
At the end of each season, the higher-ranked Adventurers will be awarded Soul Stones.

As Adventurers grow stronger through multiple upgrades and battles, they become the Top Adventurers.

Now that you know how to earn and use two key currencies, let’s move on to NFTs.

First, Adventurers need to enhance [SSR] gear to create [SSR+] gear.

There are two ways to mint NFTs.
1. Adventurers can mint NFTs using eligible gears (Lv.10 [SSR+] Gear x2) and tokens (C2X + CST).
2. Once Adventurers hold multiple NFT gears, they can use two NFT gears and tokens (C2X + CST) to mint NFTs.
(Please note that NFT gears used as material do not get consumed.)

In the Kingdom of Rohan, NFT gear is the most powerful gear in the game.

Here are some benefits of owning the NFT gear.
1. NFT gear helps Adventurers to progress the journey faster. This means they get a faster start to be ranked in a higher place in the Adventurer League.
2. As Adventurers progress the journey faster with NFT equipped characters, more Mythril Dungeons will get unlocked leading Adventurers to earn more Mythril.

Adventurers can see all the NFTs they own from the C2X Station.

Now, the last part!

Adventurers will need to have C2X Station throughout the journey.
It’s a C2X Platform Wallet where Adventurers can mint NFTs.
More importantly, it’s required to convert Souls Stones and Mythril to C2X and CST.

More details on C2X Station will be released in the near future.

On the other hand, for users who are willing to progress the journey ahead, the game contains IAP for Monthly Subscription & Progress Package, Gear and Skill Packages, and Red Gems.

That’s it for today.

Please don’t forget to check out the ongoing event and stay tuned on the upcoming event as well!

[Ongoing Event]
The Kingdom of Rohan is still recruiting Leaders!

[Upcoming Event]
NFT Airdrop Event is coming soon!
(More details will get announced in the near future.)



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