Get to know about the Game Play Modes!

Chromatic Souls : AFK Raid features 2 Adventure Modes.

[Idle Mode]
Idle Mode lets you take part in both single and party play using Auto Battle. This means you can level up your characters — even while you’re away from your phone!
Auto Battle rewards include useful items like Skill Scrolls and Iron Ores that will help you go far on your adventure. The rewards you earn will vary based on your progress.

[Boss Battle]
Enjoying quick and easy progress in Idle Mode?
Then it’s time to take down some bosses! Powerful bosses await you and your party. Defeat enemies that stand in your way to unlock the next stage so you can continue along your journey! The further you go, the greater the danger and the greater the rewards!
Emerge victorious to increase your overall progress!

Sit tight! We haven’t even gotten to the dungeons yet!

[Chapter Dungeon]
There are 20 chapters, and the number of stages increases as you progress through the game. Each chapter consists of several unique stages.
Excited to see what kind of adventures lie ahead?
Chapter Dungeon is another dungeon that welcomes solo play.
Earn all sorts of rewards in the Chapter Dungeon, including Ancient Coins, Blue Gems, Skill Scrolls, Element Skill Scrolls, Iron Ores, and Skill Ticket Fragments!

[Ancient Fortress]
This daily dungeon is perfect for adventurers who prefer to go at it solo.
Play Ancient Fortress and earn Element Skill Scrolls!
The Ancient Fortress doors will always be open for you!

[U. Labyrinth]
Don’t get lost in the myriad of floors in the U. Labyrinth!
U. Labyrinth is another dungeon that welcomes brave solo adventurers.
Can you withstand the endless challenges the Labyrinth offers?
If the answer is yes, battle your way through the Labyrinth to claim skills, Relics, Gold, Blue Gems, and other rewards!
Test your limits in this mysterious underground maze!
After all, fun often comes from the unexpected! Come see for yourself!

[Mythril Mine]
Ready to challenge the most dangerous dungeon of them all?
At the end of a Mythril Mine, victorious adventurers will claim Mythril as their sweet reward.

As a key currency for the game’s token economy feature, Mythril is a worthy prize to be coveted by all adventurers.



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